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  • Priory Hospitals Group Shakes-off ‘Rehab’ Image Through a Redesigned Sitefinity Website

    United Kingdom


    The Priory Hospitals Group is the largest private healthcare group in the UK specializing in a wide range of psychiatric and behavioral conditions. Its website supports their work by communicating what they do, to patients and medical professionals. It is also expected to produce qualified online leads.

    QUBA is a UK-based Sitefinity Platinum Partner. As an integrated full-service digital agency, QUBA prides itself on its design, content and technology expertise.


    Re-connecting with audiences and driving higher levels of quality enquiries.

    A redesigned website in Telerik Sitefinity that is integrated with other systems that could monitor performance.


    • Accelerated go-live through bulk upload of content directly into CMS
    • Easier to use Content Management System = more fresh content produced and published
    • Increased leads through Integration with Response Tap and Postcode Anywhere
    • Reduced ongoing licensing costs from using Sitefinity
  • Challenge
    The Priory Hospitals Group’s goal for a new website was two-fold: 1) Help us to deliver consistent messages to our varied target audiences 2) Support us in delivering a greater number of high quality online leads and referrals.

    This project would always pull in two different directions. On the one hand the overall messaging and marketing of The Priory Hospitals Group needed to be re-established through a website redesign. At the same time the business demanded more leads from the internet with sales managers more interested in filling beds than improving visuals and marketing propositions. 

    At the initial stage Quba demonstrated to The Priory Hospitals Group their expertise and credentials by presenting a long term vision for its business, based on an in-depth understanding its business and customers. 

    For the ongoing maintenance of the website the client needed an easy-to-use Content Management System that non-technical staff could use to publish a great deal of content. The client had used a competing CMS previously but seriously struggled to utilize its features, due to its complexity. This coupled with its longer term cost implications led to Quba to Select Telerik Sitefinity for the re-platforming of The Priory Group’s website. 

    The basis of this decision was that Sitefinity gave them the system they wanted without having to pay for features that they didn’t want or need.

    A project team comprised of creatives, business analysts, SEO specialists and technical staff was assembled. Their brief was to create a website structure that Google liked, a longer term online marketing plan to find relevant customers and create web journeys that would capture quality enquiries. They began by profiling target audiences and exploring priorities. From this they were able to identify what information consultants, family members or potential patients required to make the decision to get in touch.

    The next step was to create desirable user journeys and Call to Actions (CTAs). To help The Priory Hospitals Group understand how these user journeys would be served Quba completed a detailed wireframing and design exercise. This demonstrated the flow of traffic from initial interest through to a completed enquiry. SEO keyword research supported this exercise to deliver a website structure that was optimized for the search engines. 

    Once the technical set up was in place Quba created a routine to bulk-upload content from the old system directly into the Sitefinity CMS. Response Tap call tracking software was integrated into Sitefinity and the website to track telephone enquiries from the web. This service tracks conversions from telephones and online forms right back to the keyword level. Ongoing recommendations for PPC spend and link building/content marketing are based on these real results. 

    The website has helped The Priory Hospitals Group to re-engage with all of its target customers. This has been vitally important in supporting the drive for establishing a stronger reputation for UK-wide clinical excellence.

    Telerik Sitefinity is now used on a daily basis by Priory Hospital Group content managers. This is a massive improvement compared to the old platform which would go weeks and months without fresh content being added.

    In May 2013 the group saw a 53 percent year-on-year increase in online leads which showed that the more positive interactions with customers is producing real results.

    "We chose to work with Quba on the back of their pitch which really got into the fundamentals of our business and how the internet could be used to find new customers," says James Cordall, Online Marketing Manager at Priory Group. 

    “The project was very challenging and at a critical time for our sector with the changes in the NHS. Quba helped us in this changing environment and the website produced is doing a great job of telling our audiences who we are and what we do. Most importantly they have helped us to produce results. Online leads are a vital component of our business development plan so having a capable partner on-board is incredibly valuable.” 

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