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  • How Wurlwind Solutions website re-design helped project the Rex Fabrics brand to international markets

    • Sitefinity made our role as IT Managers a simple one. Rex Fabrics staff gladly welcomed the real-time-update functionality and their international website visitors can now enjoy a showroom-like visitor experience, with the ability to view details of the latest textile collections.

      Author: Chris A. Sievert Company: Founder of Wurlwind Solutions

    • Client: Rex Fabirix
    • Industry: Consumer Goods & Services
    • Project website:
    • Implemented by: Wurlwind Solutions
    • Industry
      Consumer Products and Services
    • Background
      Rex Fabrics is a niche company in the area of textiles, and the dominant retailer of high-end fashion fabrics and unique accessories for couture, costume, and interior designers in the metropolitan Miami area since 1973.
    • Challenge
      The Challenge for Wurldind Solutions was to re-design Rex Fabrics’ first-generation website and modernize its functionality to deliver improved traffic and an inspiring visitor experience. Also, to mirror content in other languages for target international markets, in an easy key word searchable way.
    • Why Sitefinity
      Sitefinity was chosen because it offers the open architecture which allows you to manage data and update pages easily, which is critical for inventory and pricing. In addition to that, the custom modules functionality offers the flexibility of creating client-specific content.
    • Technical Details
      • Sitefinity 4.0 CMS; Microsoft Server; Microsoft SQL
    • Results
      Sitefinity allows Rex Fabrics' staff to efficiently update their website content without incurring expensive re-design costs. As a result, the business can now stay in step with the changing fashion trends. Sitefinity also enabled Rex Fabrics' content to be presented in several languages in order to create exposure in key international growth markets.
  • The Challenge 

    Rex Fabrics’ first-generation website suffered from major design flaws, did not deliver desired functionality, reflected poor traffic numbers, and did not provide an inspiring visitor experience. Wurlwind Solutions met with Rex Fabrics to consult on their needs before a re-design of the site. Beyond a complete re-design, parallel objectives were to create a web-store for their growing inventory of imported textiles, create and implement a local print media marketing campaign, and create social media channels (business Facebook page, Twitter and YouTube) to build a Rex Fabrics online community. In order to establish a presence in international markets, the concept would be extended to pages in Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese.

    Wurlwind Solutions proposed first to mend the existing site, while the new one was under construction, in order to preserve the online business continuity, and avoid any loss of related revenues. Content Conceptualization, Storyboarding and Strategy meetings, Digital image adaptation, Graphic design, Keyword Identification, Blog inegration, Logo Modification, and Enhanced website hosting for one year, were also part of Wurlwind Solutions' comprehensive approach to the re-design model.

    Wurlwind Solutions agreed to provide content updates and Search Engine Optimization strategies to enhance ranking with Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Team meetings were scheduled to discuss adaptations.  Other services provided include Analytics, Site revisions, creation of Rex Fabrics Facebook business page and Twitter account, as well as Holiday Email digital designs. The website needed to be more robust, with the capability to add or update content efficiently, and allow for future growth. Another problem was that the old website lacked links to social media and online communities.

    Wurlwind Solutions's goal was to create a unique visitor experience, which would generate increased sales by creating awareness of the selection of fabrics and related services available, by influencing visitors to schedule showroom appointments, by trafficking visitors to their online catalogue to place orders, and by incorporating Search Engine Optimization strategies to maximize new visitor opportunities.

    The Solution

    Why was Sitefinity chosen?

    The first generation Rex Fabrics would not be able to deliver the scope of functionality which the business needed to insure continued growth and address the needs of a discerning client base. Because fabrics styles change to follow fashion trends, Rex Fabrics needed the capability to upload and update inventory, services, and pricing information frequently and quickly, which is a functionality easily managed though the open architecture of the Sitefinity Content Management System.

    How were challenges met?

    Wurlwind Solutions suggested a complete redesign of the Rex Fabrics site map and full implementation of related enhancements. They detailed the new page structure, identified what functionalities would work best, and which custom modules were needed.

    Details of the implementation

    Wurlwind Solutions submitted a proposal for Web Site Development and Maintenance which addressed all the issues that were holding back Rex Fabrics from maximizing their return on IT investment.

    The project was completed in six months using two designers. The new website was developed using the Sitefinity 4.0 Content Management System, deploying custom built templates and SQL Server. Additional pages were built out, using customized text in several different languages for Search Engine Optimization.

    The Results

    Wurlwind Solutions completely re-designed and re-launched the Rex Fabrics website as a more user friendly and inviting version of its former self. The site was organized by logical category trees, headers, and menus, as a result of which the different business divisions can now be clearly identified by the end user. The website content flow was streamlined and redundant pages drastically reduced for more efficient navigation within the site. Custom modules were created to facilitate the customer service experience and to include company background information. All of these improvements have provided a better representation of the Rex Fabrics core brand and a more exciting and engaging end-user experience.

    Implementing a Sitefinity solution, with its open architecture and turn-key module functionalities, now allows Rex Fabrics staff to routinely and efficiently update content without incurring the expense of additional page re-designs, while staying in step with ever changing fashion trends. Their content is now available in several languages to create exposure in key international markets where they are poised for continued growth. Rex Fabrics has experienced more key words driven traffic and longer visits as a result. Customers now enjoy an exciting online shopping experience in a web store; Rex Fabrics’ staff is now able to accomplish real time updates and add new sections and pages in days versus weeks. This functionality is crucial to their vision for continued growth. As visitors to the site increase, and demand for more selection grows, Rex Fabrix are now in a better position to build partnerships with international clients.

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