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  • The process of making changes represents a direct cost to us. The time to implement changes with Sitefinity is drastically reduced, therefore saving us a significant amount of money.
    Alex Hammond, Head of Marketing and Communications
    Kensington Mortgages
  • A fantastic yet simple while remaining personal in its focus, Sitefinity is truly a unique CMS that caters for digital, personal, simplicity, clean and a very short learning curve from download to live. Yet another Telerik product that just shows the quality that can be achieved. What a refreshing development product to work with.
    Steven Willett
  • I've been developing some projects with Sitefinity 7.0 - I found it very powerful & easy to customize. Sitefinity is the best CMS that I ever used!

    Dion Alexander
    FXMedia Pte Ltd
  • Telerik Sitefinity is a very good CMS choice for .Net developers. Creating and integrating custom widgets is a very clean process!
    Angel Moret
    Truenorth Corporation
  • I developed a website for a company that develops medical ultrasounds using Telerik Sitefinity 5. The client was extremely happy with the CMS. It is definitely the most user-friendly CMS out there at the moment. The newer 7 version seems to be a lot more responsive and speedy than the previous version which would make me recommend it to anyone
    Marc Laros
    Seamless IT
  • Sitefinity continues to be our go-to CMS of choice. With constant upgrades and an ever-improving development platform we find it easy to integrate custom solutions.
    Gregg Crystal
  • Sitefinity has become my go-to platform for web development on the .NET platform. The modular components, and extensive tool set, that this product comes with out-of-the-box is phenomenal. Telerik is constantly improving their product, and more and more features are being added every day.
    Benny Adams, Web Developer
    D.E. Web Works
  • As a long-standing Sitefinity Platinum Partner and recent award winner for Non-Profit Web Solutions, we are extremely pleased with our Sitefinity partnership. Our growth and success can be traced to a direct correlation with Sitefinity. Our clients are truly who’ve benefited from this partnership, providing them with a best-in-class CMS platform.
    Kevin Kimmel, President and CEO
    Component Web Services
  • I have been putting clients on the Sitefinity CMS platform since Telerik released Sitefinity 3.2 back in 2008/2009 ... and I just completed a 6.1 implementation. I continue to find Telerik's commitment to support and evolution of the platform to be unmatched by any other CMS I've experienced. It offers so much native functionality out of the box and flexes to support custom module development what can I say, Sitefinity continues to delight developers and dazzle clients.

    Jason Reitzer
    REBAR Digital
  • Sitefinity has been a reliable tool for us for several years. We develop in .NET, and Sitefinity is a fine system that works equally well for developers and customers alike.
  • “Sitefinity is a great platform for us. Its flexibility has allowed us to scale solutions to meet the needs of a wide range of clients, from major brands to much smaller organisations.”
    James Smee, Co-Founder
  • "We are very proud to be an Elite Progress Partner for Sitefinity. It is our partnership with Progress and the tools they provide that allow us to create successful web solutions for our clients."
    TK Herman,President/CEO
  • As we work so extensively in Sitefinity I was very happy when we agreed to create our new site in Sitefinity 5. I knew having a strong sales and marketing platform was a key part of our business development strategy and I was convinced that Sitefinity was perfect for our needs.
    We are thrilled with our new site and to be showcased on the Sitefinity website just shows what a great job our team did. Keep it up team Quba!
    Jon Eaton
    New Business Manager, Quba
  • Utilizing Sitefinity for the power it provides to developers and the ease of use it provides to non-technical end-users, we created a solution that requires limited involvement from technical resources. With the new content, a fresh design, and updated functionality, the Parkview Foundation has seen increased website traffic and online donations. We are thrilled to be part of that growth!
    Mike King
    King + Knight
  • Sitefinity is really powerful yet easy to use which was a big step forward for us. The combination of Sitefinity with the strategic, user centred design and other digital services of Appius have generated very positive results for us.
    Nick Tottman
    Online Manager at Electricity North West
  • Sitefinity is the most effective tool we can provide to our clients who want to maximize the return on their investment in information technology.
    Chris Sievert
    Founder of Wurlwind Solutions
  • Sitefinity made our role as IT Managers a simple one. Rex Fabrics staff gladly welcomed the real-time-update functionality and their international website visitors can now enjoy a showroom-like visitor experience, with the ability to view details of the latest textile collections.
    Chris A. Sievert
    Founder of Wurlwind Solutions
  • The new implementation was a significant upgrade in our system, and the response from our clients about it has been gratifying to note. It has now moved from beyond a web site to an information-packed pharmaceutical sales and marketing knowledge centre. It has replaced several other systems we used previously and allows everything to be incorporated at one place making life for our clients, and internal teams, a lot easier.
    Dr. Andrée Bates
    Director at Eularis, Ltd.
  • Being both the developer and the designer of Energy Studies Institute, we see the clear benefit of Sitefinity as a platform for content management systems and website design. We will continue to support the platform as a good choice for any potential CMS projects.
    Kenny Tew
    Magicsoft Asia Systems
  • The NSA website is very user friendly and our client was pleased with the results implementing the Sitefinity CMS has brought to their site visitors, members, and staff. The drag and drop functionality without HTML knowledge is invaluable to day-to-day users of the website.
    Patrick Geers
    Project Manager at New Target
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