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  • We have found that Telerik is a proven industry leader when it comes to .NET technologies

    The Ryland Company
  • Sitefinity we can provide an out-of-the-box feature set that adds tremendous value to both our designers and their clients
    Ben Nye
  • Of all evaluated content management systems, Sitefinity fulfilled the greatest number of defined objectives

  • Using Sitefinity, it is extremely simple to facilitate ongoing updates and customizations of Web sites with very little need for knowledge in HTML or other technical products
    Jeffrey Ellis
    L&P Media
  • Using Sitefinity, it is extremely simple to facilitate ongoing updates and customizations of Web sites with very little need for knowledge in HTML or other technical products.
    Jeffrey Ellis
    L&P Media
  • Feature rich, technologically elegant, with a very user friendly admin interface, Sitefinity is extremely well accepted by both end users and developers. It is a very efficient and extensible solution.
    Antoine Sartoretti
    TimSoft sa
  • I’ve worked with dozens of content management systems over the years; none have come close to matching the balance between flexibility and simplicity offered by Sitefinity. There is nothing I haven’t been able to do!
    Josh Morales
    City Web Developer
  • Sitefinity’s flexibility and extensibility made it the perfect platform for creating the functionality required for the new website
    Big Tree Media
    Big Tree Media
  • Sitefinity is an excellent Content Management System that enables us to deliver high-quality web solutions at a very affordable price. Our programmers work very efficiently with it, and our customers love using it. Great job, Telerik!
    Jamal Khalil
    Senior Account Manager Go IT Services
  • It was during this project that we realised why this cms is the best in the world. The flexibility and out of the box capabilities are exceptional
    Tod Tait
  • We focused on easy navigation and user access. Another key aspect of the project was keeping data up-to-date and ensuring a smooth live information feed.

  • The speed at which we could develop and create this site was just remarkable, and we are still learning new things about it almost on a daily basis.
    Sean Molam
  • Due to Sitefinity CMS the database became a searchable, achieved and vital information resource for the client.
    Jeffrey Ellis
    L&P Media
  • Thank you for providing one of the top component suites available today! The Telerik Team continues to develop an increasing range of user friendly and functional controls that permit excellent customization and integration with most of our projects. The online help and excellent documentation coupled with the commitment and responsiveness of your support team make the RadControls a pleasure to develop with.
    We mainly use the grid, menu, rotator and treeview controls and after trying several alternatives we are happy to recommend and use any of your products.
    Mark Deaney
  • I can't say enough good things about dealing with Telerik, and I recommend you to all my colleagues. And I tell them that it's not only the quality of the products, but the quality of the relationship that sets you apart.
    Charles Richardson
  • I purchased the toolkit and have not for one moment regretted the decision. The product is excellent and is continually enhanced with new features - almost like clockwork each quarter.
    Rich Siena
    Gorilla Toolz Inc.
  • I have used your product for about 10 months now.  My boss and my customers, some of which are web developers, think my work is incredible.   for some of it, because they add such great functionality to my applications.  I have not even used all the features that come with your product, because there is so much in the package.
    Mark Bleshenski
    Netsource One
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