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  • I think we found our new go-to partner for all things CMS. This tool is easy to use and has more features and functions than tools with a much higher price tag.
    Phil Deren
    Sr. Developer at Williams-Forrest LP
  • Sitefinity now comes to mind immediately when a client mentions content management on the wish list.
    J.J. Schaffer
    Nexigen Communications
  • Sitefinity has given us the flexibility to distribute content through an easy to use administration facility with approval processes, saving on administration costs. It has assisted us in fine tuning our efforts in search engine placement which has led to a number of new business opportunities.
    Ray Desmond, CEO
  • Bailey’s Marine Fuels has been very pleased with the outcome of relaunching their website with Sitefinity CMS, allowing the company to update content in-house in a defined workflow manner and service their customers better, streamlining both account application and induction processes.
    Richard Sojka, CEO
    Glenfield Creative
  • The Ease of Use and Rapid Deployment Combined with an Affordable Pricing Make Sitefinity CMS the Ideal Solution for Managing and Maintaining Website Content.
    Fred Tang
    Piramide Group
  • Sitefinity allows you to combine the three key aspects required for a successful website project – design, functionality and marketing capabilities. We love it!
    Danielle Attard
    Head of Marketing at Comgem
  • Sitefinity has never let us or our customers down – it provides the perfect CMS solution for businesses of all shapes and sizes.
    Danielle Attard
    Head of Marketing at Comgem
  • Integrating Sitefinity and AbleCommerce will allow you to maintain your online business in one place. You can have an award winning CMS, coupled with a leader in e-commerce solutions at your fingertips.
    Joseph Anderson
    JMA Web Technologies
  • Implementation of Sitefinity CMS has drastically improved maintainability of the website for deploying content changes quickly either by a single content manager or distributed across several content managers. Utilization of a dynamic calendar has drastically reduced the effort and time required to make calendar updates. Previously, end users had to spend numerous hours making changes to several static web pages for calendar updates. With the implementation of the dynamic calendar, a single user can publish calendar entries for several months within a matter of minutes.
    Samir Vaidya
    Effective Software Engineering Solutions
  • Being able to control content 24/7/365 has greatly increased our ability to quickly inform clients about current happenings within the company. Sitefinity has proved to be user-friendly and a valuable tool in running our website and business.
    Jeff Doepker
    President of The Doepker Group
  • Sitefinity is an obvious choice for our website development projects. Our clients love the intuitive content management interface and it gives our tech team a reliable platform to develop on that significantly cuts down our development time.
    Scott Snowden
    Trioro Inc.
  • We love Sitefinity - it's made our jobs and ability to manage our online marketing campaigns much easier and much less expensive.
    Marketing Manager
    Talking Rock Ranch
  • Just over one month has passed since the launch of the website. We remain very pleased with the look of the site and the response that we have received from our customers. The presentation to our Library Foundation Board went well, and they were amazed and impressed with the difference from our old site. I could tell that they were very proud that foundation money could be used for such a great enhancement.
    Curt Witcher
    Allen County Public Library Genealogy Center
  • Sitefinity exceeded the client’s expectations in ease of use and providing a growth plan for future success. The LAX Shop has already seen the return on investment in regards to being able to update their content and products as well as leverage social media tools such as Twitter and Facebook.
    Patrick Emmons
    Adage Technologies
  • Sitefinity was the key component in creating a robust, interactive website that is easy to maintain and enhance.
    Ashish Sharma, Developer
    New Target
  • For a client like this operating in a dynamic environment, Sitefinity was the perfect platform to use. ESRI needed a reliable, easy to use solution to help them manage large amounts of data. We were very happy with the functionality offered by Sitefinity and it improved this project substantially.
    Tom Carroll
  • As a development agency and a design specialist, we are very happy to use Sitefinity as the CMS platform of choice for many of our leading customers. With content management and ease-of-use for our client’s in-house team assured, we’re confident Sitefinity will continue to help us increase hits and reduce web administration for our clients across Europe.
    Martin Casey, Managing Director
  • The team of Zip your Lip finds the CMS easy to use, transparent and consistent. Sitefinity has provided a good looking, professional website that is fast, reliable and flexible.
    Daniel Plomp
  • Working with Sitefinity allows us to leverage our core strengths of design, development, and ASP.NET programming without constraints or limitations.
    Ole Gjerde
    Insight Technologies
  • The Sitefinity CMS was selected for the amount of out-of-the-box robust and extensible modules and functionality, which reduced the need to custom-build the functionality and ultimately, provided for a more rapid implementation.
    Shelly Murray
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