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  • Sitefinity’s open architecture made it easy for the OakTree development team to leverage existing Sitefinity modules and accommodate ISTE’s specific needs.
    Stuart Peschka
    OakTree Digital
  • The combination of a user-friendly design along with the custom clinician module has resulted in a website that patients and employees alike are comfortable navigating.
    Stuart Peschka
    OakTree Digital
  • With the sheer volume of content, complexity of systems integration and time constraints challenges that we faced on the project, the CWS team decided that the only feasible solution was to use Sitefinity as the foundation for the platform.
    Kevin Kimmel
    Component Web Services
  • Amadeus Consulting provided us a simple, beautiful website and content management system platform Sitefinity that boasts an incredible user experience. We couldn't ask for a better value from a company that is a 'one-stop shop' for technology solutions.
    Greg Eddy
    Flatirons Scuba
  • The National 4-H Council partnered with us to provide workable solutions within a tight time frame and budget, so we put together a suite of technology that would best serve their immediate needs and also allow them to grow.  Sitefinity is an integral part of that equation, as it provides them with the adaptability necessary to accommodate that growth in a user-friendly environment.
    James Williamson, Partner
    MethodFactory, Inc.
  • The transition from our previous website solution to Sitefinity has been impressive. With a very user friendly content management system, Sitefinity is a great solution for all levels of technical expertise. We have been able to maintain and build out the site content ourselves with Sitefinity and we were even able to map our old site URLs to the new pages and leverage our old SEO footprint in the transition. I would highly recommend this platform to anyone and would be happy to personally share my experience.
    Tyler Stample
    Comedy World
  • Sitefinity gave NewPhone what they needed functionality wise. Also, in terms of ease of use, Sitefinity offered an extremely friendly user interface where employees with no programming and/or designing skills could easily maintain the information on the website.
    Oyvind Mjolund
  • During the planning stage of the project several content management systems were considered. However, none of those products offered the mix of out-of-the-box functionality and flexible development environment that Sitefinity provides.
    Martin Coady, Director of Technical Strategy
  • Sitefinity once again offered an excellent solution for us and for the client, allowing us to develop an easy to update web site, and guarantee a problem free CMS platform.
    Emanuele Del Signore
  • TRANZACT is a very dynamic company and their existing static website was not serving their immediate or long-term needs. Sitefinity provides their internal resources the power and ability to keep their website information fresh and expand as their services expand.
    Matt Murphy, Executive Director
  • Sitefinity allowed me to do what every small business owner wants to do - grow my business.
    August Cornell
  • With Sitefinity we were able to ‘go to market’ with many Pay-Per-Click campaigns faster than any other marketing device that we’ve used.
    Sam Serianni
    Wireless Business Group
  • Sitefinity allowed us to take our website to the next level - and fast!
    Frank Polera, Marketing Coordinator
    Alliance Relocation
  • We are proud of our new web site and look forward to it continuing to drive growth over the coming year.
    Carol Fiddaman, Sales and Marketing Director
    Martin Leaning
  • Zimweb have done an excellent job to re-launch our site giving us the tools to keep the site running smoothly using cutting edge technology. Development times have decreased and the focus has shifted to adding new functionality rather than using our budget on maintaining the site. Sitefinity is proving to be an excellent platform for us to move our business forward.
    Craig Burton, Commercial Director
  • It was during this project that we realized why this CMS is the best in the world. The flexibility and out of the box capabilities of Sitefinity are exceptional.
    Harry Imster, President
    The Foundry Software
  • Being a development house with years of experience, we have to testify to the power and flexibility that Sitefinity provides. Sitefinity provides a striking balance of maintainability, ease of use and the power of Telerik platforms developers know and love.
    Amr Elsayed
  • I’m extremely pleased with the Parkhouse Healthcare website. It is both attractive and easy to use and is one that I believe will do great things for the client.
    David Sealey, Director
    Parkhouse Healthcare
  • Sitefinity makes the administration of a web site a pleasure. The most intuitive CMS on the market is backed up by Telerik - the company with simply the best support you can find on and off the web.
    Markus Berchtold
    Mark Told – Design & Photography
  • The creation of a Sitefinity instance is a snap – create the database, point Sitefinity to IT and Sitefinity handles the rest – creates the tables, user administration, everything. This allows us to focus on the design and architecture of the website itself rather than the configuration.
    Chris Davis, Web Developer
    bytes of knowledge
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