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  • Since the last redevelopment of the Nextel website in March, 2009, and its migration to Sitefinity, the number of leads through our website has increased by 40%.
    Walter Gandra, Project Manager
  • After struggling to understand and build a website using various web hosts and static templates, it was a joy to discover that there are other options available, namely Sitefinity.  I can now change our website content on the go from any computer; it’s easy to use even for someone who is not too computer literate, and I can make all of the changes myself. Because the site is so dynamic, we’ve also seen an increase in traffic to the website, and an increase in business.  By designing a few master templates, we have all of the look and feel of a custom, graphically intensive site, but for us, it’s just plug and play—a lot of impact for only a little upfront effort that will grow with us in the years to come.
    Kathy Kronenberg, Principal & COO
    Insight Health Partners, LLC
  • Sitefinity was chosen for its rich modular feature set and flexibility, which would allow the site to grow with the needs of the clients and the market.
    Cormac Smyth
    a:m web
  • The senior care website is aimed at the elderly and their carers. This older demographic needs things as easy to use as possible. The website was no different. Our clients have said we have got there with the new site while bringing them greater features. Sitefinity was in no small part responsible for that.
    Conor Ebbs
  • Sitefinity's extensibility and open API gave us a really powerful tool to fulfill all of our client requirements with ease.
    Olivier Chabin
  • Whilst many CMS’s offer the ability for developers to be able to customize and integrate bespoke functionality, they invariably suffer from having site administration areas that are complicated to work with for non-technical users.

    Sitefinity offers a rare combination of a CMS that is easy to develop and extend, whilst being simple and easy for ‘regular’ people to work with once a site is delivered.

    Smita Malipatil
    Kieon Ltd.
  • With each installation of Sitefinity we feel more and more comfortable that we have made the right decision. I am yet to be impressed with any other .Net CMS product on the market in 2010.
    Mark Davidson, Technical Director
  • This thing has got a tremendous amount of power. A lot more power than even I recognized in the early stages of it. So it doesn’t matter where you are, you can get on line and check orders.
    Adrian Segeren
    Ultratec Special Effects
  • Like all good medical practitioners, 21st Century Oncology is most concerned with patient care. This extends to the way they communicate. Their website is a key component to this and Sitefinity helps leverage their online communications, improving overall patient service.
    Steve Walter, Partner
    MethodFactory, Inc.
  • When Chaparral engaged with us about wanting the ability to update “static” content at the page level, we knew Sitefinity would serve their needs and go beyond their expectations. Chaparral is more technology independent now and can push information out to their customers as soon as it’s ready.
    James Williamson, Partner
    MethodFactory, Inc.
  • When it came to their new website, Tervis Tumbler was most concerned with improving their customers’ online experience. This meant keeping content fresh and up-to-date as soon as it was available without having to depend on a 3rd party. Sitefinity empowered them to do this.
    James Williamson, Partner
    MethodFactory, Inc.
  • played an integral role in the redesign and redevelopment of Orillia Soldiers’ Memorial Hospital’s corporate website. Their team provided excellent direction, graphic design, product development and customer service, and were able to work within our tight budget to create a sophisticated and updated vehicle that we can now use to share information with our patients, donors, community and Board of Directors, in a more efficient and effective manner. We are extremely satisfied with Sitefinity and will continue to use for years to come.
    Jaclyn Bucik, Community Relations Coordinator
    Orillia Soldiers’ Memorial Hospital
  • I presented the team from a business problem and they helped solve it with a solution that fit the needs for our marketing programs. Websites are such an integral part of marketing today and we needed a CMS system that would meet our needs now and one that we could grow with. Many thanks to the team at for providing us with a solution!
    Todd Blythe, Marketing Manager
    Nudura Corp.
  • Sitefinity enables us to create stunning websites in a much shorter period. It’s already a feature-rich package which can be expanded to suit exactly our needs.
    Gawein Heymans, CTO
  • SiteFinity has become our solution of choice when implementing content management solutions.  Its .Net based architecture means we have a powerful partner application that fits with our knowledge base.
    Roberto Modica
  • Sitefinity represents a perfect CMS solution, both for us and for our clients: fast to implement and customize, stable and reliable, easy to use and manage.
    Emanuele Del Signore
  • Due to the easy customization of Sitefinity, we developed the site in a record time, exceeding customer´s expectations concerning usage, speed and quality.
    Helton Lessa, Technology Manager
  • Thanks to its many tools and the richness of its features, the portal has become the ideal tool to present the potential offered by Sitefinity to Clients.
    Carolina Regonesi
    DNA S.r.l.
  • Sitefinity CMS appeared right from the beginning to be the best solution to satisfy our customer's requirements.
    Carolina Regonesi
    DNA S.r.l.
  • Sitefinity makes integration of popular add-ins easy and they perform flawlessly on the site.
    Jennifer Marshall
    Community Ahead
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