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  • The team at Roger West is extremely knowledgeable of Sitefinity. There wasn’t a single request I made that their team could not implement and I would recommend them to anyone looking to implement this technology.
    Andrea Dianni, Webmaster
  • Sitefinity has offered SEVRAR an easy to use content management system that requires very little technical knowledge to update the content on their website.
    Kelly Andreae
  • Sitefinity has offered NAN an easy to use content management system that requires very little technical knowledge to update the content on their website.
    Kelly Andreae
  • Overall, we are very happy with Sitefinity. The new CMS has made our life much easier.
  • We have been working with Vanguard Technology Corporation to build a new website and integrate it with our member database and our member community. We've been very pleased with Vanguard. My staff really likes their CMS - they find it intuitive and with enough safeguards that they're not afraid of screwing up the whole site.  They've been wonderfully responsive. I know they handle integrations with other AMS solutions. I highly recommend them.
    Catherine Stegmaier, Executive Director
    Alliance of Cambridge Advisors
  • Sitefinity is the perfect solution for any association that has custom development or integration needs and requires rapid deployment. The software is technologically sound, highly-configurable and affordable. In my opinion, there is no other content management system that associations should consider.
    Mike Wiley, Founder and President
    Vanguard Technology
  • As a software development house, our standards are pretty high when it comes to evaluating software packages for our own use and Sitefinity has met every single requirement we were looking for.
    Amr Elsayed
  • Failure certainly is not an option in anyone's business, but the way Innis Maggiore put together this plan and executed it so flawlessly is really unique. I don't know anyone in any business that executes a plan so efficiently and effectively. The results are evident enough, but being able to work with such great people is such a plus. The website is really the crowning jewel, and it's so fun to 'play around' and actually be able to make changes to it.
    John Kessler, VP Marketing & Sales
    The Mitchell Group
  • We were so pleased with Sitefinity that we have decided to standardize our software development platform on the product. We feel that we have found a CMS that will grow with our clients and customers.
    Jeremy B Schaab, Managing Partner
    Capital Software Group
  • As an interface designer, I have particularly high standards for how software should look and function. We’ve tried several good CMS systems over the years, but Sitefinity tops them all when it comes to user experience, performance and visual appeal. Sitefinity is now our go-to solution for a website CMS.
    Geof Harries, Design Director
    Subvert Marketing Inc.
  • BoxCrush’s recommendation to utilize Sitefinity was appealing because it seemed to offer everything we needed to implement, plus quite a bit more we thought would have to come later because of resources and budget. We were impressed with Telerik’s feature rollout plans posted online and their attention to users’ feedback. With future-proofing our site top of mind, Sitefinity met 99% of our requirements.
    Angela Evans, Web Projects Manager
    Kiwanis International
  • The company is thrilled to have a fresh new site that perfectly matches our design direction and provides an easy interface for updates and changes.
    Bridget Banta
    Bar Code Direct
  • Sitefinity offered immediate, highly effective solutions in the design of the Nashville Chamber site. The functionality of the software was greatly valued by us as the web developer as well as the individuals who would later be charged with managing the site's content. Not only did we quickly see the benefit of Sitefinity in the first few hours of integrating it into the Nashville Chamber website, but we immediately began to formulate ways in which we could incorporate the platform into future projects.
    JJ Rosen
    Atiba Software and Consulting
  • Seeing is believing - by turning our first contact with potential customers into a compelling, extraordinary, visually enticing experience, we hope customers will trust our Silverlight expertise and competencies much more than if we simply listed them down on the Web site. Sitefinity allowed us the ease and opportunity to make a visually-unique website also content rich, flexible and informative.
    Emil Stoychev, CTO
  • Sitefinity has made implementing a CMS for a demanding customer much easier than it could have been with another tool.
    Cihan Kurt, Software Development Manager
  • The client was impressed with the fluidity of the CMS interface and its intuitive design.  They were able to take ownership of the content without a lengthy training process and the stability of the system meant the site was functional before the deadline.
    Nick Thompson, Director
    DCSL Software
  • As an ambassador for Sitefinity, we have seen the technology work exceptionally well for our clients. It was time to put it to work for ourselves.
    Michael Westafer
    Roger West Creative and Code
  • With the custom modules and controls we are able to spend less time on technology-driven tasks and spend more time on creating successful marketing campaigns to bring in leads and sales.
    Jennie Treby, Senior Marketing Manager
  • The site is poised for future rapid gift guide updates for any occasion because of the powerful Sitefinity content management system that steps outside the traditional Sitefinity modules and into the world of a highly customized and specific feature that is the hallmark of a great web application.
    Dennis Allio
    Sage Webworks
  • By adopting Sitefinity CMS, Option 1 Credit Union was able to implement a fully-featured website that provides site visitors with the information that they require to make informed decisions.
    Larry Miclette, President
    Zag Interactive
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