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  • The system makes it easy to update the webpage and allows me to access it anywhere in the world. I love knowing that I don’t have to rely on an external company for minor changes—I feel that I can control my own destiny.
    Tracy Shiroma
  • Our solution has reduced 12 months of development time and saved over £100,000 of budget by taking the Sitefinity CMS and integrating our modules and code into the solution.
    Rehan Butt, Director
    Spin Box Media
  • Being both the developer and the designer of the Morris Law Group website, we see the clear benefit of Sitefinity as a platform for law firm content management systems and legal and lawyer website design. Our development time has been cut in half since moving our core CMS business to the Sitefinity CMS.
    Kalvin MacLeod
    Cubicle Fugitive
  • Links Technology Solutions has done a great job developing TopGolf’s Sitefinity platform so that day to day updates and additions are a breeze. With the help of Links' training and Sitefinity’s content management system, TopGolf has been able to increase visit numbers, page views and conversions.
    Shaun Sinnott, Online Development Manager
  • Up to date system that provides a reporting system second to none, provided by a business with a professional team.
    Customer of inPOS
  • Our development team loves using Sitefinity as it enables them to get the core framework for a website up and running very quickly and then enables us fully integrate bespoke functionality on top of a truly robust framework.
    Gavin Beddow
  • We were amazed to see with how little additional effort our .Net programmers made the site work. This of course meant a speedy, secure and inexpensive delivery of similar future projects.
    Andrea Ziegler, Managing Director
  • Sitefinity, ASP.NET and IIS 7 are a true dream team.
    Hardy Erlinger
  • This was our first project using Sitefinity CMS. Having used other CMS products in the past, we were somewhat skeptical, but working with Sitefinity turned out to be an amazing experience. We’ve since used it for many other projects.
    Jay Buys
  • A proof of how easy, user friendly and yet technically advanced the system is, can be found in the fact that we barely needed any assistance from user support in the process of implementation.
    Knut Løtvedt
  • In the past I used to spend much time creating a showcase, but with Sitefinity CMS this is like a game and I am particularly pleased with the ease with which I can upload photos and get a perfect result with thumbnails and all.
    Ronni Holt, Project Manager
    Peter Maler Inc.
  • Websites are such an integral part of marketing today and we needed a CMS system that would meet our needs now and one that we could grow with. Many thanks to Sitefinity and for providing us with a solution!
    Todd Blythe
  • We now have full control of all aspects of our website and we can administer it independently. Brilliant!
    Colin Hassey
    Hassey Realty Corp.
  • Our clients love the usability and friendliness of managing the Sitefinity CMS. It’s great to work with a product that both the end users and the developers love.
    Matt Cooper
  • After evaluating several .net CMS solutions, we realized we made the right selection with Sitefinity.
    Gonzalo Casado
    Inforges Tecnologia
  • It was immediately clear that Sitefinity was easy to use and that maintaining the site and expanding it with new pages could be done without any knowledge of HTML and the like.
    Rik Theunis
    Stinhue Software • Intreanet
  • From a business perspective, Sitefinity met all the business functionality requirements
    James Williamson
  • The true power of Sitefinity is its rich API library which allows the core functionality to be built on top of.
    Richard Bailey
    Wide Media
  • The project team managed to deliver a 100% “ready to launch “site within 6 weeks all included
    Netmedia Software
  • Trutest Scandinavia has only a few IT resources and needed a solution that could be maintained by the business staff
    Netmedia Software
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