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  • Yet another Sitefinity project delivered on time and on budget. Our technical team all agree that Sitefinity is a first class CMS with some great web 2.0 capabilities and its open architecture means that we can drive even more value for our customers through additional module creation
    Chris Chapman
    Prodo Ltd
  • With Sitefinity at the core of their site, NET has the flexibility and simplicity needed to change and expand their site for years to come
    Solomon Shaffer
    DeepBlue, Inc
  • The plumlife website really showcases the flexibility of the sitefinity platform
    Chris Chapman
    Prodo Ltd
  • Sitefinity proved to be a hit, both with the ePages development team, the client and their content managers
  • After the success Inetium found with this project, we began offering sites developed on Sitefinity platform as one of our service offerings.
    Jeff Cleath
  • I was extremely impressed with the ease of adding items to departments as well as adding controls to pages. The ability to drag and drop in a control without any programming was amazing. The ability to add content pages and ecommerce pages together in one application made this a very attractive solution for our company.
    Emily Le
    Lemax Corporation
  • The Sitefinity CMS has tremendous capabilities, but what has impressed our team the most is how easy it is to use, manage and publish.
    Susan Lance
  • Sitefinity is great because it leverages all of Telerik’s controls to create an easy-to-develop, easy-to-deploy CMS.
    Eric Leder
  • Sitefinity helped us create an engaging and informative online experience that also happens to demonstrate the bottomline value of integrating proven marketing with today’s best digital technologies.
    Mark Buczek
    Managing Director
  • Sitefinity is the perfect CMS solution for both Web Developers and End Users.
    Adam Baldwin
    Akavit, LLC
  • I am extremely impressed with Sitefinity and the Sitefinity team. They listen to our concerns and provide outstanding support and services.  It’s a truly remarkable CMS application and company.
    Steve Miller
    Mallsoft Inc.
  • Client requirements for common CMS features were easily met through an intuitive set of administrative tools provided by Sitefinity.
    Jeremy Davey
    OakTree Digital
  • Sitefinity is the perfect platform for custom development and integrates seamlessly with third party systems.
    Telerik, Inc
  • Sitefinity allowed us to focus most of our time on understanding the customer rather than working on administrative interface. We loved working with it!
    Tony Archer
    Arcbit Consulting
  • Tamweel gave us free rein to harness the best resources in bringing this site to life. We naturally got in touch with Sitefinity. Their intuitive CMS tools and effective approach to web problem-solving helped us tick all the boxes on this project with the minimum of fuss
    Alexander Rauser
    Digital Media Director, Omnia
  • Bounce rates dropped by 30%, leads and sales went up. We are just absolutely delighted. We can keep the site up to date by multiple team members
    Liam Griffin
    Griffin Hotel Group
  • The content migration was a breeze by making use of the generic content controls provided by Sitefinity.

    Fuzzy Llama Inc
  • The Sitefinity team offers timely support of superior quality.

    I.S.T. Information Systems
  • As Sitefinity CMS is based on .NET platform, creating templates was quick and easy
    Jeremy Daveys
    OakTree Digital
  • “Using Sitefinity, it is extremely simple to facilitate ongoing updates and customizations of Web sites with very little need for knowledge in HTML or other technical products."
    Jeffrey Ellis
    L&P Media
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