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Top ​5 ​Sitefinity Websites

The Top 5 Sitefinity Websites awards recognize the best Sitefinity websites throughout the year based on creativity, user experience and application of the latest Sitefinity features and functionality. All winners are automatically entered into the Sitefinity Website of the Year contest.

Congratulations to all!

Sitefinity Top 5 Websites - August 2014

  • GVTC Communications

    Top 5 Sitefinity Website: GVTC

    GVTC Communications

    Implemented by Sitefinity Partner ZAG Interactive

    GVTC is a communications company offering Digital TV, internet, phone and security services to residential areas and businesses in South Central Texas, USA. The GVTC website combines a striking, modern design and responsive technology. The website project represents a digital revolution for GVTC, in the effort to distinguish its offerings for its growing customer base. The website has been integrated with a proprietary account servicing software and also uses Single Sign-On (SSO). As the next phase, GVTC will add marketing automation and personalization.

  • LIFT-iQ

    Top 5 Sitefinity Website: LIFT-iQ


    Implemented by Sitefinity Partner Ennovative Web Solutions

    LIFT-iQ introduces the world's most significant advancement in weight training for over 50 years via its AMMP system, a patented predictive training model that measures and matches workout parameters with people's utmost genetic capabilities. LIFT-iQ is an easy to use mobile app that, via one’s training data, identifies their strengths and weaknesses and can then better guide them for fast results. LIFT-iQ relies on the full suite of Telerik tools including Telerik Sitefinity, Telerik Kendo UI and Telerik AppBuilder for its marketing website, the management and customer portals, and the LIFT-IQ mobile app.

  • MAN Marine Engines & Systems

    Top 5 Sitefinity Website: MAN Marine Engines & Systems

    MAN Marine Engines & Systems

    Implemented by Sitefinity Partner Netspectrum

    MAN Diesel & Turbo is the world’s leading designer and manufacturer of low and medium speed engines. The new Marine Engines & Systems website provides fast access to all relevant information on MAN large bore diesel engines as well as gensets and energy optimized propeller & aft ship packages. The Marine Engines & Systems website operates in a Multisite environment with a few other corporate sub-sites and utilizes the Sitefinity Connector for SharePoint to communicate with existing SharePoint assets. The site also feeds news from the official MAN corporate website through an RSS feed.

  • St Aloysius’ College

    Top 5 Sitefinity Website: St Aloysius’ College

    St Aloysius’ College

    Implemented by Sitefinity Partner Websilk

    St Aloysius’ College is a Catholic independent day school for boys from Year 3 to Year 12, situated in the shadow of the Sydney Harbor Bridge in Australia. The St Aloysius’ College website features a custom mobile implementation and a custom donation platform, utilizing the Sitefinity Ecommerce Add-on along with standard Sitefinity features. The website also makes use of the Sitefinity Connector for SharePoint to integrate with existing SharePoint assets. And last, but not least, the St Aloysius’ College website provides a clean and intuitive interface for its broad range of users.

  • The Australian Patisserie Academy

    Top 5 Sitefinity Website: The Australian Patisserie Academy

    The Australian Patisserie Academy

    Implemented by Sitefinity Partner SSW

    The Australian Patisserie Academy provides culinary professionals and food enthusiasts the opportunity to further their patisserie training, giving them the confidence and expertise to shine in the kitchen. With a beautiful design and great visuals from the culinary industry, the website of The Australian Patisserie Academy attracts with its smooth user experience. Relying predominantly on Sitefinity's built-in functionality, and with only a couple of custom modules, the site was built in a very short timeframe of just 4 weeks.

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