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Top ​5 ​Sitefinity Websites

The Top 5 Sitefinity Websites awards recognize the best Sitefinity websites throughout the year based on creativity, user experience and application of the latest Sitefinity features and functionality. All winners are automatically entered into the Sitefinity Website of the Year contest.

Congratulations to all!

Sitefinity Top 5 Websites - April 2014

  • AirAsia

    Top 5 Websites: AirAsia


    Implemented by Sitefinity Partner Avion Software

    AirAsia is a regional airline company serving Malaysia and South-East Asian destinations. AirAsia moved to Telerik Sitefinity to overcome existing operational issues and reduce time to market for promotions in the fast-paced world of Airline bookings; while at the same time meeting and exceeding the performance benchmarks of their existing CMS implementation. With heavy customizations to accommodate booking options and with a few integrations with flight booking and knowledge-based systems, the Air Asia project is one of the largest Telerik Sitefinity implementations on the globe, with support for multiple languages and cultures, and with more than 15,000 pages and 60,000 images.

  • Building Orthopaedics: The Foundation for Our Future

    Top 5 Websites: Building Orthopaedics

    Building Orthopaedics: The Foundation for Our Future

    Implemented by Sitefinity Partner

    Building Orthopaedics is a fundraising campaign to support the construction of a new, state-of-the-art Orthopaedic Learning Center and serve as the professional home for the most important societies and organizations in the field. The Building Orthopaedics website demonstrates a clean, current, and professional design while utilizing embedded videos and testimonials to establish support and credibility, which is of great importance to a fundraising campaign. The strategic utilization of standard tools provides ample information and resources to users educating them on the campaign’s purpose, supporting the case for the campaign, establishing credibility, and providing opportunities to contact and donate. In addition, custom modules have been created to show progress, spotlight donors, and acknowledge partners.

  • R.I.A. Federal Credit Union

    Top 5 Websites: R.I.A. Federal Credit Union

    R.I.A. Federal Credit Union

    Implemented by Sitefinity Partner LKCS

    R.I.A. Federal Credit Union is a progressive, member-owned cooperative whose purpose is to satisfy the financial needs of its members by providing high quality products and services that support the safety and soundness of the credit union. The R.I.A. Federal Credit Union website enjoys an attractive design and an intuitive navigation with audience specific cues for fast engagement. Along with standard, out-of-the-box functionality, the site features several custom modules, ensuring quick and easy maintenance of the website by its owners, including home page banner ad manager, side-bar ad manager, interest rates manager, loan applications manager, and more. Last, but not least, the website is responsive guaranteeing a smooth user experience regardless of the real estate of the screen and its resolution.

  • Janam Technologies

    Top 5 Websites: Janam Technologies

    Janam Technologies

    Implemented by Sitefinity Partner

    Janam Technologies LLC is a leading provider of mobile computers, purpose-built for extended use in demanding environments. The Janam website is a great example of a project benefiting from both the power and flexibility of the Sitefinity standard platform as well as the system’s great extensibility capabilities. The Janam site uses the Telerik Sitefinity Ecommerce add-on to power the product catalog, while at the same time utilizes among other custom-built functionalities multi-step forms with hard-coded rules to calculate a submitting user’s prequalification into their partner programs, which are also tied into SalesForce for lead generation.

  • Hotel & Leisure Advisors

    Top 5 Websites: Hotel & Leisure Advisors

    Hotel & Leisure Advisors

    Implemented by Ripple Effect Interactive

    Hotel & Leisure Advisors is a hospitality consulting firm specializing in appraisals, feasibility studies, impact analyses, economic impact studies, and litigation support for hotels, resorts, waterparks, casinos, conference and convention centers, golf courses, ski resorts and other leisure real estate. With a user friendly structure, the Hotel & Leisure Advisors website successfully caters to the needs and interests of its various audiences, making it easy to find information and engage quickly. Utilizing both standard and custom functionality, the site creates a custom brand experience with a responsive design approach, ensuring visitors from all types of devices share the same great usability.

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