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Top ​5 ​Sitefinity Websites

The Top 5 Sitefinity Websites awards recognize the best Sitefinity websites throughout the year based on creativity, user experience and application of the latest Sitefinity features and functionality. All winners are automatically entered into the Sitefinity Website of the Year contest.

Congratulations to all!

Top 5 Websites - August 2013

  • FIAT® MasterCard®

    FIAT® MasterCard® - Sitefinity Top 5 Websites for August 2013

    FIAT® MasterCard®

    Implemented by Sitefinity Platinum Partner Latitude Consulting Group

    The sites were developed to provide an online market acquisition channel that could complement the dealer sales and service channels used to acquire new credit card customers. Using Sitefinity’s Content Personalization, custom themes, Responsive Design, custom slider widgets, as well as Tintup social media feed integration and pixilation services from Google, Facebook and Exelate the initial launch of the site has demonstrated the viability and effectiveness of a pure online channel that is driven by SEO and Web Campaigns through various social media channels.

  • Welch's

    Welch's - Sitefinity Top 5 Websites for August 2013


    Implemented by Sitefinity Partner Smooth Fusion and The VIA Agency

    Welch’s is a consumer product company based in the United States with a rich history producing grape juice, jams and jellies. The Welch’s brand is long standing and stirs up memories of growing up for most Americans. This website uses Sitefinity CMS to extend that brand further by providing recipes, tips for health and nutrition, and a forum for community outreach and sharing.

  • Lighting City

    Lighting City - Sitefinity Top 5 Websites List for August 2013

    Lighting City

    Implemented by Sitefinity Platinum Partner Vivid Group

    Lighting City specializes in high quality, innovative lighting supplies, and luminaries in Australia. The site used Sitefinity’s Ecommerce module, not as a payment facility, but to differentiate their extensive list of products by category, tag, and department. Unique URLs for each product allows their clients to easily identify the products of interest on the website, which has improved communication between Lighting City and their clients. The out-of-the-box features were stylized to suit Lighting City’s brand and depth of products.

  • Studystore

    Studystore - Sitefinity Top 5 Websites for August 2013


    Implemented by IT Department

    Study Store in an educational facility based in the Netherlands. The key to this website is the Ecommerce implementation. Sitefinity’s Ecommerce module helped get their store up and running fast with drag and drop widgets. The back end pages provided user controls to define templates and actions for each item. Custom fields made defining distinct product types and adding images easy and enabled product catalogs and sorting of coursework by category.

  • North Lakes

    North Lakes - Sitefinity Top 5 Websites for August 2013

    North Lakes

    Implemented by Sitefinity Partner UI Crew

    North Lakes is an outer suburb north of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. The website is designed as a community hub where residents can keep in touch with local news, upcoming events, and real estate opportunities. Social media, community forums, and blogs are the focus of this community website. The site made broad use of integrating Sitefinity’s social media capabilities by creating events, using permissions, and categorizing and syndicating content through multiple social media channels.

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