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Sitefinity Top Five List for December 2013

The Website of the Month Awards below honor the best Sitefinity websites launched in December 2013. The recognition is based on creativity, user experience and application of the latest Sitefinity features and functionality. Monthly winners are automatically entered into the Sitefinity Website of the Year Contest.

Congratulations to all!

Top 5 Websites - December 2013

  • Air & Waste Management Association

    Sitefinity Top 5 Websites for December 2013: A&WMA

    Air & Waste Management Association

    Implemented by Sitefinity Partner nonprofitCMS

    The purpose of the Air & Waste Management Association (A&WMA) is to improve environmental knowledge and decisions by providing an open forum for information exchange. With a modern look and aesthetically pleasing design, the site presents content in a highly intuitive manner, making use of most of the built-in features of Telerik Sitefinity. A&WMA is a long-time user of ASI's iMIS Membership System, and Sitefinity CMS was extended to work side by side with iMIS, pulling data from iMIS sources, querying content in Sitefinity or in iMIS, etc... The A&WMA site is also responsive to ensure easy access via mobile devices.

  • The City of Annapolis

    Sitefinity Top 5 Websites for December 2013: The City of Annapolis

    The City of Annapolis

    Implemented by Sitefinity Partner Tornado Applications and the City of Annapolis

    The City of Annapolis website is provided as a service to the citizens and visitors of Annapolis, Maryland. The site structure introduces visitors to the content through audience-specific prompts, presenting the wealth of information it contains in a well-organized and intuitive manner. The City of Annapolis website uses built-in and custom controls to achieve the desired presentation and functionality. Most importantly, the site makes use of the Sitefinity Mobile Add-On, ensuring the site is mobile-friendly without having separate mobile versions.

  • Huom!

    Sitefinity Top 5 Websites for December 2013: Huom!


    Implemented by Sitefinity Partner Avaus

    Huom! is one of the major real estate agencies in Finland and uses Finnish as the official website language. The site was built using the out-of-the-box functionality of the Telerik Sitefinity CMS, but also incorporates several custom modules to create maps, offices, brokers and quotes. In addition, the site integrates with a back office system of real estate properties which allows for a search of properties by site visitors. During the second phase of development, the site was migrated from on-site hosting to Amazon Cloud and responsive design techniques were implemented using the Sitefinity Mobile Add-On and AngularJS.

  • The Houston Metropolitan Federal Credit Union

    Sitefinity Top 5 Websites for December 2013: The Houston Metropolitan Federal Credit Union

    The Houston Metropolitan Federal Credit Union

    Implemented by Sitefinity Partner LKCS

    The Houston Metropolitan Federal Credit Union (HMEFCU) provides financial products and services to improve the economic position and quality of life of their members. Using intuitive navigation and a responsive design approach, the site offers excellent usability to its various audiences. In addition to the built-in Sitefinity functionality, the site features two custom tools – a banner ad manager and a rates control manager.

  • Rose Acre Farms

    Sitefinity Top 5 Websites for December 2013: Rose Acre Farms

    Rose Acre Farms

    Implemented by Sitefinity Partner Box Crush

    With high standards of quality, safety, and availability, Rose Acre Farms is the second-largest egg producer in the United States. It relies on Telerik Sitefinity CMS for its online presence and content control. Utilizing primarily out-of-the-box features, the site successfully engages with Rose Acre Farms’ partners and consumers. To meet Rose Acre Farms’ special design preferences, Box Crush implemented custom templates which fit well with the website content.

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