Digital Experience Cloud Release Notes

Digital Experience Cloud, Oct 24, 2014

What's New

Marketing Goals

  • Granular goal definition - The definition of what a goal completion is can now be based on multiple interactions. For example, instead of having separate goals for purchasing each product, users are now able to define one goal that is completed by the contact through any purchase, or a selected subset of products.
  • Filter contacts relevant for the goal - In certain scenarios, not all contacts are relevant for the goal tracking and predictive recommendations. With this new option during goal definition users can select the desired group of contacts explicitly. For example, the analysis can concentrate on contacts coming from a particular landing page or email campaign.
  • Total conversions versus goal period conversions - Apart from the conversions that happened during the last few months, the total historical conversions since the goal tracking started are also shown on the goal page for reference.

Predictive Recommendations

  • Recommendations segments with negative actions - Along with the common behavioral traits of a segment, the recommendations now also take into account and present the important actions that are not executed by the particular contacts segment.
  • Recommendations for the entire contacts base - Along with the segment, the best next experience for the entire contacts base is also listed and can be tracked with a campaign

What's Improved

Marketing Goals

  • Numerous fixes and small improvements in the Goal history chart

Campaign Tracking

  • Campaign Tracking synchronized with goal tracking - Campaign Tracking results are now aligned with the goal tracking calculations, allowing a better relevance of the results.

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