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  1. fregas baratis
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    14 Nov 2002
    14 Jan 2007
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    I built my first smalls site using Sitefinity 3 beta 3.  Just thought i'd give a little feedback:

    • In the menu in the admin, can you make the section you are on clickable?  Currently it disables it because you are in that section, but you may want to refresh or get out of your current page without hitting refresh on the browser and potentially re-submitting form data.  I find that i have to click on the dashboard, then click back on the section of the admin that i was in previously, to view it fresh.
    • I also had a problem setting up a new site in the project manager using SQL 2000.  It threw an exception at me.  If you need the exact error message, i can go thru the steps again and send it to you.  Sql Express worked fine though.
    • When I deployed the site, it thru an error because of the missing file stdole.dll.  This was in the global assembly cache.  I feel like this is not a good practice, especially for web applications.  I would prefer to be able to just xcopy deploy sitefinity sites.
  2. Rebecca
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    24 Sep 2012
    16 Jan 2007
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    Hi Fregas,

    Thank you very much for your feedback.

    Here is how to make the admin sections clickable:
    1. Find the Admininstration.master file, located in the ~/YourProject/Admin folder.
    2. In the tabstrip declaration, add the ClickSelectedTab="true" attribute:
    <radts:radtabstrip id="MainMenu" SkinsPath="~/Admin/Common/Skins/Tabstrip" Skin="Sitefinity" runat="server" meta:resourcekey="RadTabStrip1Resource1" DataFieldID="ID" DataFieldParentID="ParentID" DataNavigateUrlField="NavigateUrl" DataSourceID="MainMenuDataSource1" DataTextField="Text" DataValueField="Value" OnDataBound="MainMenu_DataBound" ClickSelectedTab="true"></radts:radtabstrip>

    As for the problem you encountered with SQL 2000, we suspect it is the same configuration error that Shaun reported earlier. Please check out  this forum thread for an update of the Telerik.DataAccess.dll assembly. If the error you got is different, can you please send the exact error message?

    Please note that stdole.dll is a system .dll and should be in your system32 folder. We would recommend that you repair your Windows installation.

    the telerik team
2 posts, 0 answered