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Inconsistent multilingual support

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  1. Mat
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    23 posts
    05 Nov 2006
    03 May 2007
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    After testing the new release I noticed a few things about the multilingual support.

    At one side the page properties are partially saved for each localization and at the other side the content has to be marked as shared to enter different languages. I think a content of a page with two or more languages should be saved per page like the page properties.

    Imagine a website with a few hundred pages in two languages. The current way
    is quite complicated and time costly: enter the first language and save it as shared content.

    Following a few concrete points:

    1. In the page properties it is not possible to set localized text for the title, but that is at least as important as the menu label.

    2. The property ‘Show in navigation’ should be localizable as well. That way a page can exist in just one language.

    3. A localized content can have different texts, images or other objects. In the current release there is no way to do that, except for the text content of course.

    How about others, what are you thinking about the multilingual solution?

    Dear telerik development team, please discuss the implementation of the multilingual feature again and let me know how it went.


  2. Bob
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    330 posts
    30 Dec 2016
    04 May 2007
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    Hello Mat,

    The first point, it’s our omission. Sorry for that. It’s already fixed.

    I don’t understand the second point. If you want to have separate page for each language then you just have to structure your site accordingly.

    The idea for localized shared content is mostly concerning articles like News and Blogs that don’t depend directly to a page. The reason for static content not to be localizable is because it is stored as property of the control. We will implement LocalizedPanel control for version 3.1. It will work in a similar manner as Localize control from ASP.Net and will serve as container for other controls. At runtime the panel will load only the controls specified for the current culture.

    Sincerely yours,
    the telerik team

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  3. Ben Alexandra
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    215 posts
    15 Sep 2012
    16 May 2007
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    Just trying to figure out Multi-Lingual support.  I have a big project that'll be in 2 languages to start, and more moving forward.  I had looked at Sitefinity 2.7 originally and really liked how you handled multi-lingual support.  My understanding of how it worked was as such:

    You set up your languages
    You created new pages and selected which languages those pages should be available for (so some pages might only  be in En, others only in De and the rest in both)
    You selected which language you were editiing and the page came up and you could add items (generic content, images, etc.), then you switched to the other language and the page was blank, and you entered your controls and content for that page.
    You dropped a LanguageSelector onto the template and if someone switched languages and the page existed in both languages, it went to that same page in the other language, if the page didn't exist, it went to the homepage
    If you looked at the sitemap and you were in the En version, you saw all the pages that were available for English, and if you were in the De version you saw those pages.

      It seemed like the perfect way to do it!

      Have you changed your whole approach to multiple languages, or am I missing something?  Also, if you did change, what's the advantage of the new system?

      Also, what do I need to do to create a language selector?


  4. Bob
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    330 posts
    30 Dec 2016
    17 May 2007
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    Hello Ben Alexandra,

    This is a duplicate post. Please see the answer here:

    the Telerik team

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4 posts, 0 answered