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Public users?

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  1. UI Crew
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    27 Sep 2012
    28 Dec 2006
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    I was just wondering is the public users feature yet to come? I wanted to create a public user so I created a role and gave them no CMS permissions but they can still log into Sitefinity admin - granted they can do nothing except log in.

    This makes me think that maybe Public users feature is yet to come?

    Am i right?


  2. rabchev
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    15 Sep 2006
    28 Dec 2006
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    Hello Set,

    You are right the Public Users feature is not complete although you are free to make your own implementation. There will be two approaches for separating public from administrative users. The most obvious and easy way will be to separate them in different roles and give them the appropriate permissions. The second approach will be to use different Membership providers. In this case you will need to crate a second login form for the public users and specify provider name. Note that different providers can use the same or different databases. If both providers are using the same database then you have to specify different application names for both providers otherwise they will act as one provider. This explanation may be confusing but we will provide an example in the near future.

    Best regards,


2 posts, 0 answered