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Rad TabStrip

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  1. Ben Alexandra
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    15 Sep 2012
    14 Dec 2006
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    Working with Sitefinity 3 Beta 2, and i want to use a TabStrip for my navigation.  1st thing is, can i add that to the master page, or do i have to add it to each page manually with sitefinity.

    Also, i want to get the child links of the tabs to stay visible depending on which page im on.

    I usually put this code into my master.cs on page load event when i use rad controls by them selves with visual studio:

    protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)  
                RadTabStrip1.FindTabByUrl(Request.Path).Selected = true;  
                RadTabStrip1.Tabs[0].Selected = true;  

    any help or insight on this is much appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Bob
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    30 Dec 2016
    18 Dec 2006
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    Hello Ben,

    You can add TabStrip to the master page and bind it to SiteMapDataSource control. You can also add it to a page but then you need to wrap the TabStrip in a User Control to handle the currently selected tab.

    Your code is fine except for the way you are retrieving the current page. You should not use Request.Path as it will return the rewritten path which will not work in your case. Use SiteMap.CurrentNode.Url instead.


    the telerik team

2 posts, 0 answered