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Release Candidate available for download

The forums are in read-only mode. In case that you want to directly contact the Progress Sitefinity team use the support center. In our Google Plus group you can find more than one thousand Sitefinity developers discussing different topics. For the Stack Overflow threads don’t forget to use the “Sitefinity” tag.
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  1. Telerik Admin
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    188 posts
    02 Oct 2004
    16 Feb 2007
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    Dear Sitefinity fans,

    We are happy to present an even more production-ready Sitefinity release for your evaluation. In this Release Candidate, we have included numerous enhancements in the Modules functionality, UI improvements and fixed most pressing issues.

    You may not notice many visible changes from Beta 3 release as we have focused on improving the underlying module architecture. Also, we did listen to your feedback to fix reported bugs and made final adjustments to our CSS support.

    Again, we would like to ask you to share your impressions on the stability, correctness and performance of the Release Candidate, so we can iron out the remaining issues. The real world is much richer than our test environment and we would appreciate any feedback that can help us make the product better. After 7 months of hard work, we're almost there, folks! And it is going to be a release that we can be really proud of.

    Thanks to everybody making this release happen and for providing us with a valuable feedback!

    For the most enthusiastic, download the RC from here.

    New Features Include:


    • Generic content – its functionality is additionally extended with versioning and permissions. Now, for any content piece you create, those functions can be easily applied and set through Sitefinity’s interface.
    • News – a Generic Content successor, taking advantage of its fore mentioned techniques
    • Polls – including the latest version of radChart


    • New User Manager – usability enhancements including:
    • Grid of users – a list of all registered users
    • User profiles – customizable profiles that allow users to modify their profile details
    • Search – search users by alphabetical index
    • Group operations for users – assign role to multiple users  
    • Multiple Membership Providers – providing interface for managing Membership Services.

    Templates Manager

    • Template grid – displays a list with all available templates and all pages inherited in each template, allowing easy template manipulation
    • Versioning – preview previous template versions and rollback changes.


    • External pages - add external pages to the navigation of Sitefinity
    • Cross domain support - add URL links that are external for the current domain
    • Page groups – adds navigational flexibility
    • Lock pages – lock individual pages while editing

    New Sample Site

    Sitefinity RC ships with a 100% XHTML compliant sample site, showing its full range of features, controls and modules put to practice. It allows you to dig into Sitefinity’s administration to get a better understanding of our CMS product.

  2. UI Crew
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    24 Sep 2012
    16 Feb 2007
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    Congratulations, we are looking forward to having a look.


    Seth Cleaver
  3. SUNIL
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    27 Jan 2004
    18 Apr 2007
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    I have one suggestion.
    Since Sitefinity is a 'content' management tool, it would help if it had a module for controlling advertisements display on its radRotator.
    After all,  advertisments like banner ads. or box ads also represent 'content'.
    Just a suggestion from my side.
    This module would be a great addition to SiteFinity and I think this would greatly enhance its value.

  4. Sean
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    271 posts
    31 May 2006
    19 Apr 2007
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    Fantastic, you made it early this time too.....well early for the delayed date :)

    Thanks again!
  5. Sean
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    271 posts
    31 May 2006
    19 Apr 2007
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    Crap.... didn't bother looking at the date of the original post....  in the words of  the great Homer Simpson DOH!
  6. Rebecca
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    536 posts
    24 Sep 2012
    19 Apr 2007
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    Hi Sunil,

    Thank you very much for sharing your idea with us. We will definitely consider implementing this in one ofthe upcoming versions of Sitefinity.

    Best wishes,
    the Telerik team
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6 posts, 0 answered