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User Control Properties

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  1. Jason Grovert
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    28 posts
    25 Oct 2005
    20 Nov 2006
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    In your Developer Documentation, you show how to expose the "TargetFolder" property, and manage the values from within SiteFinity.

    This is excellent functionality!  However, for it to be useful, there needs to be additional ways to manage what values can be put into the Properties.

    How can we have:
     - Text Boxes
     - Multi Line Text Boxes
     - Drop Down Lists (and control the values in the drop down)
     - Check Boxes
     - Radio Buttons

    Also, sometimes I need to launch another window to help the user find the data they're looking for, then they click on a value in the window, and it closes the window and populates the original property field with the intended value.  How would we do this? (Useful for picking images, or other pages)

    Please support this - as it will provide a way to separate content from presentation - as I previously wrote about in an earlier posting.

    Thanks, Jason
  2. Bob
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    330 posts
    30 Dec 2016
    21 Nov 2006
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    Hello Jason,

    For basic types the ControlProperties control will try to supply the most appropriate UI control for editing the property. For example, enums are shown in Drop Down List. For complex types or custom handling, you need to provide an editor for the property. Something like this:

    /// <summary>

    /// Gets or sets the id for which a poll will be shown on the control.

    /// </summary>

    [ Bindable ( true )]

    [ Browsable ( true )]

    [ Category ( "Appearance" )]

    [ WebSysDescription ( "D0001" )]

    [ WebEditor ( "Telerik.Polls.WebControls.PollBoxEditor, Telerik.Polls" )]

    public Guid PollId




    object obj = ViewState[ "PollId" ];

    return obj == null ? Guid .Empty : ( Guid )obj;




    ViewState[ "PollId" ] = value ;



    We provide base classes for property editors and attributes located in the Telerik.Framework assembly.

    Obviously this subject cannot be covered in a forum post. We will provide some examples and knowledge base articles in the near future.

    Kind regards,
    the telerik team
2 posts, 0 answered