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Error Occurs After Migration..

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  1. Dhaval
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    23 Apr 2012
    17 May 2012
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     i am trying to migrate the site from the old version to the newer version ..
     i have successfully migrate the site from 3.7 to 5.0..
    but after migration i am facing so many problems...can u help me for this??

    Error: template ****- Copy failed to migrate. The related master page ~/App_Master/******* - Copy.master failed to load.
    And other templates are also failed to migrate...

    What could be the possible solution? 
  2. El Barto
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    42 posts
    28 Apr 2008
    30 May 2012
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    Hi Dhaval,

    I just had the exact same problem. I've copied the App_Master folder just as in the tutorial and got the same error.
    To solve this I opened the Sitefinity project in Visual Studio and added the files I copied from SF3.7. I converted all ascx and master files to a Webaplication files (right click on the file and convert to web application)
    Then I've fixed all build errors until the project succesfully build. I tried to migrate the project and again I got the same error. So I created a test page and use the first masterpage that fails as its template. This give me an ASP.NET exception on a AjaxControlToolkit control in the masterpage. I fixed this error and after this the migration succeeded. 

    I hope this will solve your problem as well.
2 posts, 0 answered