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Image widget and IE9 comparability view

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  1. Denis
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    27 Feb 2009
    23 Aug 2011
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    If IE9 is used in "IE9 comparability view" mode all image widgets on the page get extra spading from the bottom.

    My investigation shows that this happens because markup of sfimageWrp block:

                        <div class="sfimageWrp">
        <img id="Footer_C007_ctl00_ctl00_imageItem" src="../../images/default-album/home_slide_1.jpg" alt="" />

    Extra two lines after img. One line contains space.

  2. Katia
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    194 posts
    01 Jul 2016
    26 Aug 2011
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    Hi Denis,

    I couldn't reproduce the problem you have described. I have tested with Image and Image gallery widgets as they are the ones which have sfimageWrp CSS class to no avail.

    Can you give more details on how to reproduce the problem? Do you use a custom theme, can you reproduce the problem on a new project without any customizations, which widget do you use and how you have configured it, a screenshot will be useful, etc.

    Kind regards,
    the Telerik team

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  3. Mike
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    208 posts
    10 Dec 2007
    05 Jan 2012
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    I'm having the same problem.  In my case, the layout is positioned, which I believe has something to do with it. 

    when I use this code:

    jQuery(document).ready(function () {
        jQuery(".sfimageWrp img").load(function () {
            alert(jQuery(".sfimageWrp img").height());

    IE 9 in compatibility mode says 159 and 156.  The image is 156px. 

3 posts, 0 answered