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News Content Module gone after upgrading from 6 to 6.1

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  1. Thomas
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    05 Sep 2012
    14 Aug 2013
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    We upgraded our software from 6.0 to 6.1 and the news content module is no longer available.

    On our news page where the news displayed previously it now just says
    This widget doesn't work, because News module has been deactivated.

    How do we fix this?
    When logging in to the administrative area to enable this module I see it is disabled.
    When attempting to enable it says:
    Unable to load config section "newsConfig"

    I get a message stating that our license does support this module when trying to activate but we do have a valid license.
  2. Jen Peleva
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    10 Nov 2016
    19 Aug 2013
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    Hello Thomas,

     It seems that the News module hasn't been upgraded properly. Please check whether you have similar to these lines in your NewsConfig.config:

            <contentViewControl definitionName="NewsBackend">
                    <config:lazy key="NewsBackendEdit" configFile="NewsConfig.contentViewControls.NewsBackend.views.NewsBackendEdit.config" />
                    <config:lazy key="NewsBackendInsert" configFile="NewsConfig.contentViewControls.NewsBackend.views.NewsBackendInsert.config" />
                    <config:lazy key="NewsBackendPreview" configFile="NewsConfig.contentViewControls.NewsBackend.views.NewsBackendPreview.config" />
                    <config:lazy key="NewsBackendVersionPreview" configFile="NewsConfig.contentViewControls.NewsBackend.views.NewsBackendVersionPreview.config" />
    If so comment them out for a moment. Then open the SystemConfig.config file and remove the version property of the news module declaration like so:
            <add startupType="Disabled" version="6.1.4600.0" name="Multisite" />
            <add version="6.1.4600.0" name="Scheduling" />
            <add version="6.1.4600.0" name="Search" />
            <add name="News" />
            <add version="6.1.4600.0" name="Blogs" />
            <add version="6.1.4600.0" name="Events" />
            <add version="6.1.4600.0" name="Libraries" />
            <add version="6.1.4600.0" name="Forms" />
            <add version="6.1.4600.0" name="Lists" />
            <add version="6.1.4600.0" name="Analytics" />
            <add version="6.1.4600.0" name="Newsletters" />
            <add version="6.1.4600.0" name="GenericContent" />
            <add version="6.1.4600.0" name="ControlTemplates" />
            <add version="6.1.4600.0" name="Migration" />
            <add version="6.1.4600.0" name="Ecommerce" />
            <add version="6.1.4600.0" name="ModuleBuilder" />
            <add version="6.1.4600.0" name="ResponsiveDesign" />
            <add version="6.1.4600.0" name="Publishing" />
            <add version="6.1.4600.0" name="Forums" />
            <add version="6.1.4600.0" name="Thunder" />
            <add version="6.1.4600.0" name="Personalization" />
            <add version="6.1.4600.0" name="SitefinityDAM" />
            <add version="6.1.4600.0" name="MobileAppBuilder" />
            <add version="6.1.4600.0" name="SharepointConnector" />
            <add version="6.1.4600.0" name="EverliveConnector" />
    Then re-save the web.config file or recycle the application pool in IIS and run the project in the browser. This will reinitialize the news module.

    After the site re-initializes check the News module if it is working. 
    If this doesn't help, attach here a stack trace of the exception or the error log that is generated. They may give us more information about the exception.

    Jen Peleva
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2 posts, 0 answered