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OpenAccess exception while trying to send email campaign notification

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  1. Rico
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    30 Aug 2012
    25 Jul 2013
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    The following exception has recently occurred in my website -- specifically when I try to send out email campaigns when a new custom module has been published. No exception is actually raised when I step through the code however -- the content item is published successfully. Notifications however are not 'delivered' (their status is however marked as 'sent')  when viewing the campaign/issue report in the admin area...

    I've attached the trace.log file where the exception is listed. it appears that an insert exception is thrown on table [sf_notif_msg_template] ?? however, when I open up the database, there are only three records (which seem to be default values related to the news module?) as no other data is present related to any content items I have created/published.

    Could somebody help me out here please? I've looked at the column structures (max length) and the only potential culprit could be the 'subject' column which only accepts up to 80 characters... I'm not sure what's being passed into this field however though.

    Where exactly can I set event logging to 'all' (as per suggestion in trace.log file)... to see parameter values


    It seems as though the issues is stemming from the campaign/issue title -- I base the title of these off the content item title. So if the title exceeds a particular length (not sure exactly what that length is yet) -- then this exception is thrown. This seems to be actioned by some internal process by sitefinity though? I don't see any data written into this table at all...
1 posts, 0 answered