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Problem with multi language documents

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  1. Ivanz
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    29 Mar 2011
    26 Mar 2013
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    I am currently translating our English website into French. 
    So far so easy on the content and I thought it was going to be piece of cake with the documents library as well. I created a couple of test French versions of some pdf's and added these as French versions.
    All seemed fine until I clicked on a link to the English version on an English page of my site - it brought up the French version of the pdf? I thought it might be because the English version was now saved as a draft and so it was defaulting to the newly published but I checked and both docs appear to be published.
    It seems that uploading the French version has replaced the English version entirely. Opening the English version from the documents library seems to confirm this. Whats odd is that the French and English versions do have different URL's as one would expect.

    I have tried a "fix" by reuploading (replacing) the English version of the pdf but this also replaces both files so now through French pages I access the English pdf.
    So the long and the short of it is that I can only have one language version of my documents unless I create a seperate french library and manually re-link all my pdf links to those documents ........ which is really not practical. 

    My version is 5.0.25

    Is this a known bug? And more importantly is there a fix?
  2. Markus
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    25 Nov 2005
    28 Mar 2013 in reply to Ivanz
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    Dear Ivanz

    As far as I know 5.4 is still not truly multilingual. Neither for images nor documents, While you can have different titles you can only have on document/image.

    I know it sad and makes it kind of useless. 

    This is from December 2011

    There isn't such a PITS issue logged. We currently do not plan to implement multilingual libraries the way that you mention. Apologies for the inconvenience.

    I did not find a PITS where you could vote. 

    Bottom line - unless I am mistaken you will not see this happen anytime soon. 

    Telerik goes the big company enterprise way. I wonder how the big companies are handling this. I guess just have two libraries one for french and one for english.


    PS: Telerik if I am wrong, sorry - Have no 5.4 mulitlingual project yet. 
         PITS would still be nice.
  3. Pavel Benov
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    14 Mar 2016
    29 Mar 2013
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    Hello guys,

    You are correct this is still not implemented in the context of how other content items work in Sitefinity. 

    Here is the PITS link where you can vote to increase the request's popularity and track on its progress. 

    All the best,
    Pavel Benov
    the Telerik team
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  4. CCA
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    21 Jan 2014
    15 Jul 2015
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    Was there any fix for this in the newer version of sitefinity?
  5. Steve
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    03 Dec 2008
    15 Jul 2015 in reply to CCA
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    @CCA Sadly...not implemented yet

     Second most voted for feature request (bug fix REALLY)​

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