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High CPU Utilization

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  1. Saumitra
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    10 Mar 2009
    12 Jun 2009
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    We've a website developed in Sitefinity 3.6 community edition. When we put this site through a performance / load test with the user load of 50 concurrent users, the CPU utilization touches 100% and hovers around 90 - 100% constantly. What we observed is that if we develop a simple aspx page and do not use the web.config file that is created while creating the site, the CPU doesn't spike that high. But as soon as we include the web.config, the CPU again starts touching 95-100%. Here I'm talking about the webserver CPU. The database is on a seperate server. Most importantly, the web.config is created/modified by Sitefinity itself and no changes have been done to the file except for adding some custom keys.

    Please help as this site needs to go live by monday.

  2. Georgi
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    28 Oct 2016
    12 Jun 2009
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    Hello Saumitra,

    I think that I know the reason for this.

    A lot of things happen while the CMS is working, it is not just serving the html content to the browser. Some providers are being initialized, security checks are being performed, queries to the database are being executed and so on.

    You can optimize all of this by enabling the cache. In local tests, the CPU was not going over 20% with caching enabled and 250 concurrent users, since a lot processing is just skipped. The caching for the pages could be found under Page -> More option.

    You should also disable the Sitefinity debugging through the web.config file - <compilation debug="false">. This is really important thing to do when you go live, because in the other case, debugging symbols are being load which is a great overhead.

    Please let me know if these suggestions were helpful for you.

    the Telerik team

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2 posts, 0 answered