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Issue in the Sitefinity

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  1. Nauman
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    28 Jul 2008
    07 May 2009
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    Hi i found a couple issues in Sitefintiy while development

    1) Localized RSS News feeds

    If you enable the localization in the Sitefinity e.g
    <localization defaultProvider="Sitefinity" persistenceMode="PathPrefix" defaultCulture="en" cultures="en, ar"

    and you are using the localization feature in news module , if you  want to show the Arabic News RSS feed on the website there is no option for that, it only show the English section

    2)Change date format in the News View Controls

    If you drag and drop the news view control on the page and set date format from news settings section and now if you want to change some other date format and you select advance -> appearance and set the dates format,   it never take reflection on the website instead the News settings  always get priority until you delete the control and drag it again.

    3) Orphan data exits in Database

    I just created a test project and notice that if you create pages, news and some other stuff on the website and if you delete all the your created stuff database does not clear its content and a lot of orphan data exists in database.
    4) Can not see the Edit button in Sitefinity

    I made a couple of setting to enhance the performance of website
    e.g disable

    <pages enableEventValidation="false" enableViewState="false"
    <compilation debug="false"
     <scriptResourceHandler enableCompression="true" enableCaching="true"/> 

    and enable caching option in the website

    if i go in the admin side and try to edit any page i can not see edit button and  nothing loaded over there. Yes  some time it load the content, i face inconsistent behavior in CMS.
  2. Dido
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    24 Sep 2012
    09 May 2009
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    Hi Nauman,

    1. I tested this locally and it works perfectly. Since you didn't specify a version, I tested with 3.6.sp1 (even without hotfix)

    What i did:
    • Enabled localization with persistance in QueryString
    • Enabled localization for News
    • Created a News page with NewsView, News Archive, Language Selector and RSS Feed
    • Translated it to Bulgarian (my second language choice, could be anything)
    • Created two news items in English, then translated them in Bulgarian
    • Created a news rss feed
    • Went to the page, changed languages and subscribed to the feed
      • there is a small bug - language selector doesn't change the language for the rss feed. It always generated the following url for me:
      • If i change the url manually to
        it would display the feed in English
      • It should be a similar problem with PathPrefix persistence mode for localization. Try changing the prefix from en to ar and see if it works
    2. Which exactly doesn't work:
    this setting in web.config:
    <cmsEngine defaultProvider="Generic_Content"
            <add name="News" ... urlDateTimeFormat="yy-MM-dd" ... /> 

    Or the setting in the NewsView control? I didn't test the one in web.config, but that in NewsView didn't produce any problems.

    3) We use Nolics.NET and don't write any queries ourselves. We can't fix this.

    4) Why do you disable ViewState in web.config? This is not recommended, as some controls might require it. If you wanted to disable ViewState, you should do it from page's properties.

    Sincerely yours,
    the Telerik team

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2 posts, 0 answered