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  1. Jaycen
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    29 Dec 2008
    19 Feb 2009
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    The text editor on this forum is very nice compared to what I have available for content editing on my web pages.  Will that change?

    I'm really struggling with our webpages when it comes to Generic Content.

    • What I see is NOT what I get.  Many things look fine formatted during editing, but when you publish, you get odd results.
      • There's no space between your content modules.  I put a bread crumb module above a generic content module and it "mashes" the text so close together as to make both unreadable.  In order to create the white space necessary to make it human-readable, I have to insert "<br /> <hr color="white"> <br />".
      • TABLES - Man...when I create my own tables using html, it looks great in the preview, but when I publish, my tables run off the page and look like junk.  After publishing, it ignores any settings I have for cell width, border, etc.
      • Editing in HTML - That's what I do.  I do all my content in a word document, then copy/paste into the HTML editor.  Otherwise, your editor tends to not use <p> for the start of the first paragraph and I get inconsistent results.  If I attempt to do Bold or Italics, often the editor "gets confused" and will keep adding the bold tag after I've reached the end of the text with formatting.  You know?  Like, I select the bold button, type my text, click the bold button again, then hit Enter on the keyboard.  Sometimes the next line will be bold, sometimes not.  Oi!
    • Shared Content - Share This Content seems to be broken currently.  I click it, and it looks like it's working correctly, but when I Select Shared Content, my content isn't there.
    • Indent/Outdent - How in the world can I do this in the generic content model without resorting to using HTML margin definitions?  If I use blockquote, it sticks quotes and funny text formatting in after I publish.  Yet again, in the editor it looks fantastic, after publishing I get unexpected results.

    Are these all configuration related issues on our side?  Am I doing dumb things?  We'd like content creation to be fairly "dumb" so the content providers don't have to be html experts (which I'm not, btw).

  2. Dido
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    24 Sep 2012
    20 Feb 2009
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    Hello Jaycen,

    About the incorrect formatting: would you please try out the same things in telerik demos. If the problem persists, you could give us a simple text file with your input and an example screenshot (both edit-preview and how it gets rendered on the final page). We will then contact our ASP.NET AJAX team and report the issue, so that it will be fixed in the Q1 release (and therefore in the following Sitefinity Service Pack).

    I myself usually enter text in design mode, then replace some tags in HTML mode (just very minor things I don't need a GUI for), and then publish my text.

    About the problem with sharing - This got fixed in the latest 3.6 release.

    Kind regards,
    the Telerik team

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2 posts, 0 answered