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Creating a Site Template

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  1. Jesse
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    28 Nov 2007
    31 Oct 2008
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    I'm close -- but I need a bit of info for the last leg of this. 

    I've exported the site, got the bits in the zip file, even created up a web.config.xml file that works great, dumps the bits to the folder, the whole deal.

    Problem comes in when trying to get into the site.  I switch out the connection string a bit to use a full sql 2k5, and it creates the tables in my DB, no problem ...but then gives me "Thanks for visiting" page and no way of logging in.  I tried to hit "sitefinity/cmsstartup.aspx" and I get smacked with the login.

  2. Vlad
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    19 Jun 2017
    02 Nov 2008
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    Hi Jesse,

    We are not sure what could be the problem. But it looks like the request to the Web Site is not handled by our Cms HttpModule. Please make sure that it is declared in the web.config.
    If your site is configured with integrated pipe-line mode on IIS 7, it should be set in the system.webServer section:
          <add name="Cms" type="Telerik.Cms.Web.CmsHttpModule, Telerik.Cms"/>  

    otherwise, check the system.web section:
          <add name="Cms" type="Telerik.Cms.Web.CmsHttpModule, Telerik.Cms"/>  

    Actually the cms module declariation is set in the both places by default.

    If you send us your project web.config file, we could investigate it for you.

    All the best,
    the Telerik team

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2 posts, 0 answered