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File Structure for deployment

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  1. Femy
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    02 Jan 2008
    25 Jul 2008
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     We have Sitefinity installed in the default directory of /Program Files/telerik/Sitefinity. I have created a new project Project 1 (/Program Files/telerik/Sitefinify/Websites/Project 1) . I need to add the project files to the version control tool(we use Vault ) and I was wondering what is the parent directory  that needs to do to the Vault.  Should it be /Project1 or telerik/Sitefinity. Is telerik/Sitefinity/Project Manager necessary for running a project. The same question goes for deploying the project to the client server. I didnt see much documentation on this. Pls advice.

  2. Nikifor
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    18 May 2013
    28 Jul 2008
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    Hello Femy,

    We do not have experience with the Vault tool with Sitefinity, but when we are talking about parent folder of a web site - it is the same as projects name. In your case Project1 is the root directory which contains all information connected with the web site.
    As for your question about deploying a project to another machine, please check section Migrating Projects to the Production Web Server of the Sitefinity User Manual.

    Hope this helps.

    the Telerik team

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2 posts, 0 answered