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Remote database server

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  1. Daniel Plomp
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    952 posts
    18 Feb 2004
    13 May 2008
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    Hello telerik,

    I'm a bit stuck with setting up my project in a production enviroment. I thought it wasn't that hard, but after some hours I do not have it clear anymore:

    I just want to use a SQL2005 database on a remote server instead of on the IIS webserver. Both servers are inside the same domain. I first tried to use a SQL Login account, since this seems to be the most simple solution. That didn't worked. I was getting an error something like 'Login failed for user <user>'.

    Then I tried to access the database with trusted settings, using a domain user. Turn on impersonation and configured SQL server, but it still comes with an error about users that don't have the appropiate rights etc.

    Now I don't have a clear view on what the steps are to configure my Sitefinity project with just a simple SQL Server account on a remote server?

    It's a windows 2003 server (IIS6) and SQL 2005.

    Is there any documentation available or knowlegde base items as far as you know?

    Any help would be appriciated!

  2. Joe
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    64 posts
    05 Jul 2012
    13 May 2008
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    The connection string used for Sitefinity would be a typical .NET connection string.  Here is a web site that contains different connection string options.

    Hope this helps!
    Joseph Guadagno
  3. Nikifor
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    232 posts
    18 May 2013
    14 May 2008
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    Hi Joseph,

    The error probably occurs because this account does not have permissions to access the Websites folder of your Sitefinity installation, or to access the database. Can you please check what type of permissions you have set for this account, both for folders and DB login? Also, mind that the servers ASPNET account should have full permissions on the project folder. If permissions are set correctly and you still get the error, we would need more information about your machine setup. What is the version of IIS, how did you set up IIS authentication, do you use windows authentication for the database, or SQL server authentication?

    Thank you for your cooperation in advance.

    the Telerik team

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3 posts, 0 answered