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SF5 Define Content Blocks in template, allow user to enter content on page

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  1. Jonathan
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    23 Jul 2012
    20 Jun 2012
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    How do I set it up so that content (or other widgets) in a template are editable for a user on page?

    For example, I want to define an <h1>Content Goes Here</h1> type tag in *template*, and then have the end user just enter the information for the h1 when they create the page.

    Likewise, a single html content area for the body of the page, that the user cannot remove, add layouts, etc, but has the ability to edit the content of.

    The ability for end users to drag layouts, widgets, etc onto pages is powerful, but to maintain consistency through our fairly large (thousands of pages) website, and to make it simpler for our editors (of diverse skill sets) to maintain their pages, we want to have fewer options for them to input information; perhaps differentiating between what editors and admins can do.

    I'm thinking of it conceptually something along the lines of editable regions in dreamweaver / contribute; or the way that the Umbraco CMS behaves with content types on pages. How would I accomplish this in SiteFinity?
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