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Documentation/Definition/explanation for Telerik "Container"

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  1. Carl
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    22 Oct 2012
    22 Oct 2009
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    I cannot find definition for a Telerik Sitefinity "Container".  This appears in the Template Edit Interface on the right column where it shows as "2. Select a Container".

    So is it merely a <div > tag with Id in a *.master file? Or is it a contentplaceholder control? Or just what is it????

    Explanation please with complete documentation of any rules to define and declare a Sitefinity "Container" including whether there are any required naming rules for the Id's if in fact a container is nothing more than an identified div tag in a *.master file!!! And if a container is not an identified div tag, then what is it? And what is necessary in order to make it appear as a "container" in the dropdownlist that appears in the page and template interface in the Sitefinity application???

    Thank you for better more complete documentation.
  2. Nikolai
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    01 Jun 2017
    22 Oct 2009
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    Hi Carl,

    The "2. Select a Container" option correspond to only <asp:contentplaceholder> controls inside the master page file. The purpose of these three steps is to allow you to add controls without the need to drag&drop them:

    1. Select a control from step 1.
    2. Select a place holder step 2.
    3. Click the Add button step 3.

    I hope this helps.

    the Telerik team

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2 posts, 0 answered