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  1. xor
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    42 posts
    04 Jan 2010
    26 Nov 2010
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    I am having some problem with my Sitemenu not displaying correctly in IE7. It works fine with IE8 and FireFox. Any ideas? Here's a live link to the site:

    Thanks in advance,
    Fadi Raheel
  2. Ivan Dimitrov
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    16072 posts
    12 Sep 2017
    26 Nov 2010
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    Hi Fadi,

    Remove the clear none and set  width 130px over the li element with the following selectors rmITem rmFirst

    Kind regards,
    Ivan Dimitrov
    the Telerik team
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  3. xor
    xor avatar
    42 posts
    04 Jan 2010
    29 Nov 2010
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    Thank you Ivan for providing me with the solution to my sitemenu issue.
    I tried to fix other compatibility issue with RadRotator displaying titles of news but didn't have the chance to get it to work properly. My RadRotator shows only the first news record and doesn't scroll to show the other records in IE7. It works fine with IE8 and FireFox.  
    Here's the same link to the live site: The RadRotator control is located below the sitemenu.

    <telerik:RadRotator Width="747px" Height="230px" ItemWidth="747px" ItemHeight="230px"
        FrameDuration="7000" PauseOnMouseOver="false" ID="Rotator1" runat="server"
            <div class="NewsRotator">
                <asp:HyperLink ID="HyperLink1" NavigateUrl='<%# "~/News/Politics/Details/" + Eval("url") + ".aspx" %>'
                    <asp:Image ID="Image1" ImageUrl='<%# Eval("Thumbnail") %>' runat="server" Height="230px"
                        Width="360px" />
                <asp:HyperLink ID="HyperLink2" NavigateUrl='<%# "~/News/Politics/Details/" + Eval("url") + ".aspx" %>'
                    <br />
                    <asp:Label runat="server" CssClass="NewsRotatorTitle" ID="headline" Text='<%# Eval("HeadLine") %>' />
                </asp:HyperLink><br /><br /><asp:Label runat="server" CssClass="NewsRotatorContent" ID="Label1" Text='<%# Eval("Summary") %>' />

    Telerik.News.NewsManager newsManager = new Telerik.News.NewsManager("News");
                System.Collections.Generic.List<Telerik.Cms.Engine.IMetaSearchInfo> filter = new System.Collections.Generic.List<Telerik.Cms.Engine.IMetaSearchInfo();           
                filter.Add(new Telerik.Cms.Engine.MetaSearchInfo(Telerik.Cms.Engine.MetaValueTypes.Boolean, "Featured", "True", Telerik.Cms.Engine.SearchCondition.Equal));
                IList listOfNewsItems = newsManager.Content.GetContent(0, 3, "Publication_Date DESC", filter.ToArray());
                List<RotatorNews> news = new List<RotatorNews>();
                foreach (var item in listOfNewsItems)
                    CmsContentBase content = item as CmsContentBase;                
                    IContent newsItem = newsManager.Content.GetContent(content.ID);
                    Guid id = content.ID;
                    string headline   = newsItem.GetMetaData("HeadLine").ToString();
                    string thumbnail = newsItem.GetMetaData("Thumbnail").ToString();
                    string url = content.Url;
                    string url2 = content.UrlWithExtension;
                    string summary = newsItem.GetMetaData("Summary").ToString();
                    string body = content.Content.ToString();
                    string date   = newsItem.GetMetaData("Publication_Date").ToString();
                    news.Add(new RotatorNews()
                        ID = id,
                        HeadLine = headline,
                        Thumbnail = thumbnail,
                        Url = url,
                        Url2 = url2,
                        Summary = summary,
                        Body = body,
                        Date = date
                this.Rotator1.DataSource = news;


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3 posts, 1 answered