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Adding toolboxControls, like you could in 3.7, but in 5.4, how?

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  1. Lurch
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    18 Jan 2011
    12 Mar 2013
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    As a 3.7 SP4 Sitefinity developer, I was easily able to create my own .ascx web controls in Visual Studio 2012, and add them to the tool box, via the <toolboxControls> in the web.config.

    Now fast forward to today, and I have just installed my first version 5.4 Sitefinity install, and I am lost as to how I can add in my previously created web controls.

    Can I add web control (.ascx) files to 5.4, like I could in 3.7 SP4?

    What are these widgets, are they the new name for web controls?

    Help! 5.4 is totally new to me and nothing like 3.7 SP4 :(
  2. Daniel Plomp
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    18 Feb 2004
    13 Mar 2013 in reply to Lurch
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    Hi Lurch,

    You can add your widgets to the Toolbox in 3 ways:

    • Manually, by editing the ToolboxesConfig.config file (it is located inside ~/App_Data/Sitefinity/Configuration/)
    • Programmatically (fire the code on Initialize or just inside a default .aspx page
    • By using Sitefinity Thunder.

    I'd suggest to take the last approach. Install Sitefinity Thunder inside your project (download it from here). You can then take a look at the Thunder documentation on how to use Thunder to add widgets to your toolbox.

    Widgets can be UserControls, or Custom controls and I think when you have 3.7 experience you can easily continue to use the UserControl approach, although designers work a bit different.

    Kind regards,
2 posts, 1 answered