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Automating Sitefinity's Campaigns

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    09 May 2013
    17 Apr 2015
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    I'm working on  a feature for a client that automates sitefinity's campaigns so that automated daily notification emails are generated using the feature to give my client's users a heads up on new products that they are subscribed to.

    Due to this bug: I had to work around this by updating the database directly since once a new subscriber field is populated, it is never updated. I'm using a custom subscriber field to hold a small block of HTML that will be injected into each user's email.

    I've had to increase the length of one of the backend database fields for Sitefinity. I realize that this is a issue since sitefinity tries to automatically adjust the size of fields on certain events when it determines that a database upgrade might have happened. The field I changed was "val" on sf_ntf_sbscrbrs_cstm_prperties so that my custom property could contain a short block of HTML that was unique for each person receiving an email.

    My question is twofold: 1) Is there a recommended practice to attach some custom logic to the actual email process so that I could generate my HTML there instead of using a custom property?  I'm already doing customizations to the message body before it sends (but of course these are received by all users and aren't specific).  I'm looking for a way to inject some logic on a per subscriber basis.

    2) If that isn't possible, is it possible to disable sitefinity's auto migration and schema validation? I realize I would then have to be mindful of future upgrades.

     That said, the client is currently on 7.1, but we plan to move to 8.0 very soon, so if there isn't a solution for 7.1, I'm still interested in a solution that might work on 8.

1 posts, 0 answered