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categorized custom module content accessible from different and/or parent categories

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  1. Luke
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    18 Mar 2013
    23 May 2013
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    Thanks for your time.

    I have a custom content module set up & populated with around 25 content records, each categorized as one of five different types of content ("Support" vs. "Promotional," etc.)

    That content is displayed across two taxons. The top level view  ../primary is an index page showing the five different categories (the category name and drill-down link, plus the 3 most recently-published records from each in a list view.)

    The next level down, ../primary/categoryN/ is as it sounds just a content list view page. The same content,  but a drill-down view which filters by category and then opens the single items in an auto-generated page. 

    I have attached a screenshot of the custom content module's category list page's widget settings.

    With the settings as such, the front end granular view of each custom content record is a URL of the format ../parent/categoryX/some-X-categorized-custom-content-record. This makes sense.

    My problem is that each record is somehow also accessible via other category URLs dynamically, for  xample the following URLs retrieve the same content and display it out of context:


    The result is confusing for the user. I suspect it's related to the "auto-generated page" field in "Single Item Settings," but I'm not sure why.

    I'm sure I could fix this by setting up static pages for each piece of custom content, but that would kind of defeat the purpose of creating the module in the CMS in the first place.

    I appreciate any pointers as to how I might configure this correctly, otherwise users would be able to access the same piece of content from not only many different URLs but in many different unpredictable display contexts.

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Arno
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    08 Sep 2010
    23 May 2013 in reply to Luke
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    I'm very interested in hearing about the solution too. Just out of curiosity: do the content pages at least have a canonical tag in their HTML that points to one unique URL? Not that it would be a real solution, but it would limit the damage this would do for SEO.
  3. Stanislav Velikov
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    18 Sep 2017
    28 May 2013
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    Change the url format for the module so the url for the module is explicitly matching the required pattern. In the provider class for the module <ModuleName>Provider (the class inheriting ContentDataProviderBase) override GetUrlFormat method and apply the approach to change the url format for the module as described here.

    The url format can be composed from al fields in the module[PublicationDate]/[UrlName]/[Title]/[Summary] .

    Stanislav Velikov
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3 posts, 0 answered