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Custom Login Process

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  1. Stephan
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    05 Nov 2012
    01 Oct 2013
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    I am trying to set up Sitefinity (6.0.4200.0 SE) with a custom login process, and could use some help to point me in the right direction.

    I have the following requirements:
    1. Back-end users can login using the standard Sitefinity users (eg. admin)
    2. 'Members' can log in to the front-end with credentials that are stored in an external database.
    3. Sitefinity will not have direct access to the external database, so all calls will be made via a Web Service.  I cannot make any changes to the data or structure of the external database.
    4. Once the front-end user is verified (via the Web Service), they will have access to 'member-only' pages.  I'm assuming that I need to put them in a certain Sitefinity role to achieve this.
    5. If the front-end user forgets their password, I need some way of sending it to them (user enters their email address and their password gets sent to them).
    6. I do not need to edit/delete these front-end users from within Sitefinity - this will be handled by the external database's application.  If a user gets removed from the external database, I need to make sure that they can no longer get access to the 'member-only' pages.
    The external database has users with a ID as a varchar(8), whereas Sitefinity requires a GUID.  What is the best way to link the external user with the Sitefinity profile?

    When a front-end user logs in, I need it to automatically create a corresponding profile in Sitefinity, and link that profile to the correct role.  I have looked at a custom Membership Provider, but do I also need to create a custom Profile Provider?  Are there any other items that I will need to customize or address?

    Any information that you can provide that will point me in the right direction will be appreciated.  Code samples are also welcome.

    Thanks in advance,
     - Stephan
1 posts, 0 answered