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Custom Module: are multiple backend views possible?

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  1. SteveV
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    06 Nov 2011
    16 Jan 2012
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    I have a custom module that was created from code rather than by use of the Module builder.  The module is used to create School Calendar Day Items that identify "out of session" dates and reasons (Holidays, Vacation, Staff Development Days, etc.)

    Each "SchoolCalendarDay" has a "SchoolYearCalendar" and a "SchoolCalendarDayType" associated with it. My table mappings are setup and working properly and look like this.

    MappingConfiguration<SchoolYearCalendar> schoolYearCalendarTableMapping = new MappingConfiguration<SchoolYearCalendar>();
    schoolYearCalendarTableMapping.HasProperty(y => y.Id).IsIdentity(Telerik.OpenAccess.Metadata.KeyGenerator.Guid);
    schoolYearCalendarTableMapping.HasProperty(y => y.StartDate).IsNotNullable();
    schoolYearCalendarTableMapping.HasProperty(y => y.EndDate).IsNotNullable();
    schoolYearCalendarTableMapping.HasProperty(y => y.CreatedBy).IsNotNullable();
    schoolYearCalendarTableMapping.HasProperty(y => y.CreateDate).IsNotNullable();
    MappingConfiguration<SchoolCalendarDay> calendarDayTableMapping = new MappingConfiguration<SchoolCalendarDay>();
    calendarDayTableMapping.HasProperty(d => d.Id).IsIdentity(Telerik.OpenAccess.Metadata.KeyGenerator.Guid);
    calendarDayTableMapping.HasProperty(d => d.SchoolYearCalendarId).IsNotNullable();
    calendarDayTableMapping.HasProperty(d => d.Date).IsNotNullable();
    calendarDayTableMapping.HasProperty(d => d.CreatedBy).IsNotNullable();
    calendarDayTableMapping.HasProperty(d => d.CreateDate).IsNotNullable();
    calendarDayTableMapping.HasProperty(d => d.SchoolDayTypeId).IsNotNullable();
    calendarDayTableMapping.HasProperty(d => d.AdditionalInfo);
    MappingConfiguration<SchoolCalendarDayType> calendarDayTypeTableMapping = new MappingConfiguration<SchoolCalendarDayType>();
    calendarDayTypeTableMapping.HasProperty(t => t.Id).IsIdentity(Telerik.OpenAccess.Metadata.KeyGenerator.Autoinc);
    calendarDayTypeTableMapping.HasProperty(t => t.Description).IsNotNullable();
    calendarDayTypeTableMapping.HasProperty(t => t.SortOrder).IsNotNullable();
    calendarDayTableMapping.HasAssociation(d => d.DayType).ToColumn("school_day_type_id");
    calendarDayTableMapping.HasAssociation(d => d.SchoolCalendar).ToColumn("school_year_calendar_id");
    List<MappingConfiguration> mappings = new List<MappingConfiguration>();

    I created a "SchoolCalendarAdminView" and "AddEditSchoolCalendarView" controls so I can add and edit new SchoolCalendarDay items. While everything works properly, I also need a way to add/edit "SchoolYearCalendar" and "SchoolCalendarDayType" items.

    Is it possible for a module to have multiple backend views or do I need to create seperate SchoolYearCalendar and SchoolCalendarDayType modules?


  2. Lubomir Velkov
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    03 Nov 2014
    18 Jan 2012
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    Hi Steve,

    Yes, a single module can have different Backend pages associated with it and each page would invoke different create/edit views - it's just a matter of definitions. For example the Locations module from the SDK has the following definition:

    var locationsGridView = new MasterGridViewElement(backendContentView.ViewsConfig)
        ViewName = LocationsDefinitions.BackendListViewName,
        ViewType = typeof(MasterGridView),
        AllowPaging = true,
        DisplayMode = FieldDisplayMode.Read,
        ItemsPerPage = 50,
        SearchFields = "Title",
        SortExpression = "Title ASC",
        Title = "Locations",
        WebServiceBaseUrl = "~/Sitefinity/Services/Content/Locations.svc/"

    As you can see there is a property named ViewName and it points to LocationsDefinitions.BackendListViewName, which is the name for the grid view for the Locations. You can have several such views in one module.

    All the best,
    Lubomir Velkov
    the Telerik team
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  3. SteveV
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    06 Nov 2011
    19 Jan 2012
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    Hi Lubomir,

    Thanks for the info.

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