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Display interrelated module information in field selector control

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  1. Tabish Usman
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    27 May 2011
    16 Mar 2016
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    I have three modules brand ,Country , offer.
    In offer module I have created a field control which is currently showing the information as shown in the attached image.(its showing brand's Title,date and country's ids).

    In field control I have following code in its .ascx file.

    <sf:FlatSelector ID="itemsSelector" runat="server"
     DataKeyNames="Id" ShowSelectedFilter="false" AllowPaging="true" PageSize="100"
     AllowSearching="true" ShowProvidersList="false" InclueAllProvidersOption="true"
     SearchBoxTitleText="Filter by Title" ShowHeader="true"
     <sf:DataMemberInfo runat="server" Name="Title" IsExtendedSearchField="true" HeaderText='Title'>
     <sf:DataMemberInfo runat="server" Name="PublicationDate" HeaderText='Date'>
     <span>{{PublicationDate ? PublicationDate.sitefinityLocaleFormat('dd MMM, yyyy') : ""}}  </span>
     <sf:DataMemberInfo runat="server" Name="Country" IsExtendedSearchField="true" HeaderText='Country'>

    Now in last column inside DataMemberInfo I have called {{Country}} which is currently displaying Guids concatenated  string(can be seen in attached image) ,instead I want to display Country's Title.
    Kindly suggest if a server side method can be called inside DataMemberInfo or any other workaround for that will be appreciated. 

1 posts, 0 answered