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Importing HTML Content

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  1. Don
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    27 Sep 2012
    13 Aug 2013
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    I can't seem to find a specific code example for what I need.  I am writing code to import HTML documents into Sitefinity - it works except for the last piece of trying to use the SDK to add a content block widget to the page and fill it with the HTML content.  My code is below - can someone point me in the right direction?  This code doesn't add the content block to the page - much less the HTML content itself.  Note - I get the page successfully.  Thanks!

    // Get the page
    PageManager manager = PageManager.GetManager();
    var page = manager.GetPageNodes().Where(p => p.Id == file.Id).SingleOrDefault();

    // Create content block page control
    ContentBlock aspxContent = new ContentBlock();
    aspxContent.Html = file.AspxContent;
    aspxContent.Visible = true;
    aspxContent.ID = "ASPX" + file.Id.ToString();
    PageControl aspxContentControl = manager.CreateControl<PageControl>(aspxContent, "AspxContent");
    aspxContentControl.Caption = "Page Content";

    // Add the control to the page

       // Save the changes
  2. Patrick Dunn
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    03 Nov 2014
    16 Aug 2013
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    Hello Don,

     Thank you for using Sitefinity.

    You're not specifying a content placeholder to add the control to. Without this being specified the system has no idea where to put your control.

    You need something like this:

    dynamic usercontrol = BuildManager.CreateInstanceFromVirtualPath("~/mycontrol.ascx", typeof(UserControl));
    usercontrol.Message = "Hello World"; // Some public property on this user control.
    PageDraftControl pageDraftControl = pageManager.CreateControl<PageDraftControl>();
    pageDraftControl.ObjectType = "~/mycontrol.ascx";
    pageDraftControl.PlaceHolder = "ContentPlaceHolder1";
    pageManager.ReadProperties(usercontrol, pageDraftControl);

    Patrick Dunn
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2 posts, 0 answered