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Moving Gallery to Sitefinity with Module Builder - how to

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  1. Markus
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    25 Nov 2005
    18 Mar 2014
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    Good day

     I am in the process of redesigning my site and finally moving it to Sitefinity.

    I have one portion of the site 

    Its a flat database table today see screenshot_01.png

     And yes the site is a bit older :-) When ever I shot a new panorama I would have simply added a new line. In my ascx I would fill a radcombobox1 with all PanoramaThemes (destinct and sorted) and on selected index change would fill another datasource that would then get all PanormaUnterthema (Subtheme) coresponding. Again distinct and sorted.

    When selected it would get all the enries matching.


     So now I want to move that to Sitefinity using module builder. Want to keep the functionality the same . 

     RadCombobox1: Select Theme

    RadCombobox2. Select Subtheme based on RadCombobox1 selectedIndexChanged

    Then dispaly the Panorma imags.


    Now in Module builder I guess I have certain optoins. 

    Option 1 (module_idea_01.png)

    -> Theme
    -> Theme -> Subtheme
    -> Theme -> Subtheme -> Panorama Fotos 

     If I would do it like this I would have two option

    1) Theme is a textfield which would let me add any Thema risk of double entries with spelling mistakes
    + flexible
    -  prone to user errors

    2) Add a select item in module builder and add new themes there 
    - Not flexible 
    + no user errors

    The question would also be which would be easier to bind to radcombobox1. Meaning getting all Themes distinct and sorted.


    Option 2

    Using Categories and keeping the module pretty flat.

    How easy should it be to bind the two comboboxes to taxanomies.


    Option 3

    I guess you are smarter then me - how would you do it?




    PS: of course it would be nice if I could use app builder so clients could browse through my images on phones and tablets


    If you choose: Städte - Hochfelden you can see a typicall swiss small town (the one we live in)

1 posts, 0 answered