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Sitefinity iFrame parent.document.getElementByID not working?

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  1. Scott MacFarlane
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    11 Aug 2008
    03 Jun 2011
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    I have a Sitefinity page with a content block that has an iFrame that pulls in a sub-page from another site.

    I want the iFrame on the Sitefinity page to resize based on the size of the sub-pages content to prevent the clumsy dual scroll bars when the sub-page is very tall.

    The content block iframe is called "dynframe":
    <iframe width="878" height="300" id="dynframe" src="" frameborder="0" marginwidth="0" marginheight="0" scrolling="auto" vspace="0" hspace="0"></iframe>

    And the sub-sites page contains:






    body onload="resizeToContent()">....






    And has this script block to to the work:





    <Rad:RadCodeBlock ID="ResizeContentRadCodeBlock" runat="server">






    <script type="text/javascript">






    function resizeToContent() {





    if (self == parent) { alert("self=parent!"); return false; }





    var x = 0;





    var y = this.document.body.scrollHeight;





    while (x < y) { x += 1; }





    "resizing x=" + x);





    var z = parent.document.getElementById('dynframe');





    "after z!");





    if (z != null) { = x; alert("dynframe height: " + x + " -> " +; }





    else { alert("dynframe not found!"); }



















    When the page runs, it always shows the resizing x=? alert with the proper height we are trying to achieve.
    BUT, it never reaches the alert("after z"); at all!
    It's as if the var z = parent.document.getElementById('dynframe');
    is stopping or blocking the script block from continuing, so
    of course the work of setting the iFrame size cannot be done.

    This iFrame resizing seems to be a common practice out there and works perfectly
    other non-sitefinity tests I have tried so I am wondering if Sitefinity is purposely
    blocking this in some way.

    Frustrated, any help would be much appreciated!, Scott


  2. Scott MacFarlane
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    3 posts
    11 Aug 2008
    03 Jun 2011
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    As per usual, you figure it out just a fraction of a second after you give up and ask for help.
    Turns out the getElementbyID was getting an Access Denied (cross-site scripting) Error since
    the iFrame page was in another domain (actually a sub-domain). So that's the problem although
    I don't have an answer yet as I can't seem to get a virtual directory underneath Sitefinity properly
    configured and working as a separate application under IIS 7.5....sigh....
2 posts, 0 answered