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sitefinity widget templates - what are they?????

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  1. Dave
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    20 Apr 2015
    20 Apr 2015
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    Greetings everyone, I am very new to SF. 

    This is probably a very dumb question, but when I look at Widget templates in Sitefinity (for the Navigation control etc) I am clueless. What are they please? What are they based on?

    I have HTML/JS and MVC experience but no ASP.Net Webforms. Are the templates related to these?

    I need to get good with templates asap. Has anyone got any suggestions on where to start?

    Thanks a lot, Dave. 

  2. Christopher
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    05 May 2014
    20 Apr 2015 in reply to Dave
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    They are based on webforms and ultimately server controls. which contain backend .cs to control server side logic and which view(s) (.ascx) is/are to be used.

    The templates are mutable so you can get your styling and display of information the way you would like it.

    The easiest way to start understanding them is to build a custom widget for yourself with either a user or server control and load it into Sitefinity.


    Below are a couple of links to some useful resources:​​

2 posts, 0 answered