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Styling comments widget textarea

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  1. Jack
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    30 Oct 2013
    07 Jun 2014
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    I'm having issues with styling the out-the-box comments widget textarea. I could be going mad (i am working at 8pm on a saturday so i must be pretty much) but in the webform that you open via Thunder there is an html textarea but for some unknown reason this is getting converted to some table with and embedded iframe and a body tag being used as the textarea !??! This is some weird stuff. There is also a textarea with display:none hanging out next to it. Removing this textarea or altering it throws errors so i will assume it's needed how it is.

    So ok this textarea is being converted into other html for some reason but how can i style this iframe and it's contents? I've seen this article - however adding a css file through here doesnt show up inside this strange iframe. I've been through loads of places in the 'Advanced settings' adding classes here and there but nothing shows up. I've cleared my cache a thousand times so it aint that.

    Can anyone help. I think I AM loosing my mind..


  2. Elena
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    12 Nov 2013
    09 Jun 2014
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    Hello Jack,

    Since version 6.2 of Sitefinity a new concept of Comments
    API is introduced along with new Comments widget. This new comments
    widget is based on the kendo editor, unlike the old one which uses the
    RadEditor. This allows the end user to style the text in comments message, or
    to add complex objects in the comments like image, hyperlink and so on.

    Therefore if you are using SItefinity 6.2 or higher you can
    try the following steps in order to customize the editor (this walkthrough will
    help you add a toolbar on the editor):

    Select Edit for the CommentsWidget

    From the Submit
    comment view template choose Comments
    submit form and click Edit selected

    Find text area with id="commentEditor"
    and add class to it:


    Add the following snippet at the bottom:

        jQuery(document).ready(function () {
            var kendoEditor1 = jQuery(".myKendoEditor").data("kendoEditor");

    Click Save

    For more information about the properties and

    styling options of the Kendo Editor you can check the Kendo documentation.

    If you need any additional information on this matter please
    do not hesitate to ask.




  3. Jack
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    7 posts
    30 Oct 2013
    10 Jun 2014
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    cool this worked. thanks

3 posts, 0 answered