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update process - one possible way to update a live site

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  1. Markus
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    25 Nov 2005
    02 May 2012
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    There are various ways of updating a live site and I see questions over and over how to update live sites. I want to share mine. Sometimes it's good to see how others do it, and I also hope to get some feedback where I am totally wrong.

    If someone wants the word file write to mb (at)

    Sitefinity Updating

    Assuming you have:

    Created your site localy on c:\mysite
    Created you database mysite_db on server
    Have the site c:\mysite uploaded to the server and run it to be connected to mysite_db
    Basically having a site up and running

    Update process by marktold

    Backup site

    1) Create c:\mysite_4_3_1733 (current version number of live project)
    2) Create c:\mysite_staging
    3) Download live content to c:\mysite
          Make sure that App_Data\Sitefinity\Configuration\DataConfig.config is pointing to the database you are backing up in the next step!

    4) Copy c:\mysite to c:\mysite_4_3_1733 (This is your backup if anything fails)
    5) Copy c:\mysite to c:\mysite_staging

    Backup DB
    5) Create backup of mysite_db (db on server)
    6) Download mysite_db.bak to c:\mysite_4_3_1733 (This is your database backup if anything fails)
    7) Create new DB on server mysite_db_staging
    8) Import the mysite_db.bak to mysite_db_staging (on server)

    Check if a backup would work
    Change the connection String in
         to point to mysite_db_staging database
    10) Crate new web on server
    11) Upload c:\mysite_staging to

    Well, now we should have a copy of our production site on pointing to mysite_db_staging.
    Test if it works. If it does, you know you would be able to create a backup from c:\mysite_4_3_1733 and c:\mysite_4_3_1733\mysite_db.bak

    Update staging to see if update runs ok
    12) Download the new sitefinity.lic from your account for the new SF version and save it
          (I save it in c:\mysite_staging)
    13) Download the new sitefinity.exe, run it and import the c:\mysite_staging project
    14) Make sure you don’t have c:\mysite_staging open in Visual Studio and run upgrade
    15) Now I delete all stuff on (I don't want any leftovers of old stuff)
    16) Build your project (I don't rebuild because some of the dlls always get lost :-()
    17) Upload the c:\mysite_staging to again
    18) Access - to my knowledge now is the time when mysite_db_staging gets
           updated. This takes some time. I have VPS, on shard hosting you might have to do this
           locally on a DB to avoid timeouts.
    19) You will be prompted for license file (remember we downloaded it in step 12)

    Test if everything works. If yes, we have proven that the update process would actually run and work ok.

    Update live site
    20) Now you have two options. Use staging DB and staging site or update real site same way.
     Make sure your live site DataConfig.config points to mysite_db and NOT

    21) After you updated your life site you might want to download to
           c:\mysite to have all the updated config files again locally (it’s always good to have a second
           backup locally. You never know when your  provider might have a data loss they cannot fix.





1 posts, 0 answered