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UserAlreadyLoggedIn returned from Web Service call

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  1. Richard
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    17 Aug 2012
    30 Aug 2012
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    When calling a web service, the following is returned:


    I am very confused by this error, as I can't really see a way forward. Hopefully you guys can help!

    I'll explain the process I take with regards to authentication (as I expect this is the issue):

    1. (Facebook login) --> authenticate as a special 'service caller' user to call the Facebook service on my site.

    2. Once authenticated with them (a new user is created for the FB account), I sign out the 'service caller' user.

    3. I sign in as the newly created user and try to get some content data from the site. 

    4. The error occurs.

    I know this isn't very descriptive, and if you guys need any of my code, I'm more than happy to post it. Note that the calls are from an iPhone application.

    Do you know of this issue, and/or how to solve it?

    Thanks in advance,
1 posts, 0 answered