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Widget Template Filter Expression - Current User

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  1. Ian
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    25 Jun 2012
    08 Aug 2012
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    I have created a custom content type and added a couple of extra single line text fields, now using a widget template on the home page I would like to filter these values by the current logged in user.

    I have followed advice found on the forums with the main being:
    Edit widget template > Advanced > Control Definition > Views > DynamicContentMasterView

    ... then edit the FilterExpression property.

    I have tried allsorts of combinations but havent got it working even with hardcoding the current user.

    By default the content type gives a field called AUTHOR and looking at the code behind these seemingly translates to OWNER. This got me a step further but I have tried things like OWNER.Contains(), OWNER = , OWNER Like and I am recieving errors each time. I believe this maybe because the field is a Guid and I am trying to compare it to a string, so how do I get the GUID of the current logged in user?

    Many thanks for your time


  2. Kristian Smilenov
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    18 Mar 2015
    13 Aug 2012
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    Hello Ian,

    You can achieve this kind of filtering by implementing custom DynamicContentView which uses custom DynamicContentViewMaster.

    1. Create custom DynamicContentViewMaster and override the InitializeControls method

    var dataSource = this.GetDataSource();
    //apply your filtering here
    //var filteredDataSource = ........
    this.DynamicContentListView.DataSource = filteredDataSource.ToList();
    this.DynamicContentListView.ItemDataBound += new EventHandler<RadListViewItemEventArgs>(this.DynamicContentListView_ItemDataBound);
    if (this.EnableSocialSharing == true)
    2. Override the InitializeMasterView Method of the custom DynamicContentView 

    This should do the trick. 

    You can take the id of the currently logged in user this way Telerik.Sitefinity.Security.SecurityManager.GetCurrentUserId();

    If you have any other questions, don't hesitate to contact us. Regards,
    Kristian Smilenov
    the Telerik team
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  3. Ian
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    7 posts
    25 Jun 2012
    30 Aug 2012
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    Thanks Kristian for the solution.

    Apologies for the late correspondance as I have been on vacation.

    I have never done this before. How would I go about creating a customer DynamicContentView?
    Is it just a class that inherits from the DynamicContentView class, which is then registered in Sitefinity?


3 posts, 0 answered