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URL Rewriting

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  1. Chris Wilper
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    13 posts
    01 Sep 2009
    21 Oct 2009
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    I'm trying to ge the url rewriting working in my environment.  I've made the following changes to the web.config file and nothing is happening to the url. 
           <section name="urlrewrites" type="Telerik.Cms.Web.AdvancedUrlRewriter, Telerik.Cms"/>

          <add name="Cms" type="Telerik.Cms.Web.CmsHttpModuleUrlRewrite, Telerik.Cms"/>

    The starting url is "http://??????.com/Franchises/FranchiseHome.aspx?location=Boulder"

    I need to to be rewritten to "http://??????.com/Boulder-homecare"
  2. Ivan Dimitrov
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    16072 posts
    12 Sep 2017
    21 Oct 2009
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    Hello Chris Wilper,

    The AdvancedUrlRewriter does not make redirect. It works in this way:
     If someone enter the following url - /FranchiseHome\.aspx?location=(\B+) - the rewriter makes internal replacement and you see the page behind /FranchiseHome/$1.aspx. If  you need to redirect any url you can use IHttpHandler with regular expression.

    Ivan Dimitrov
    the Telerik team

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  3. Chris Wilper
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    13 posts
    01 Sep 2009
    22 Oct 2009
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        That may still work for me.  I'm having problems with the syntax.  How would I do the following.

        incoming url's

        I need to route both the urls above to the following

    I just not sure on how to write the rule to accomplish this.
  4. Mr. Plinko
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    13 posts
    16 Jul 2009
    24 Oct 2009
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    The simple way to redirect is:
        protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e) 


    Do you want http://???/Boulder to be in the URL with the content of http://???/franshises/franshisehome.aspx?location=Boulder or the long version in the URL?

    PS if you haven't seen it, you should check out the Webinar on URL Rewriting
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4 posts, 0 answered